Space for Rent: Rod Serling-Then and Today

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I saw this video on Tor.com and found it fascinating. Mike Wallace interviewing Rod Serling on the subjects of writing and censorship, subjects that are close to my heart:

The first thought that struck was: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose….

To wit, as different as our modern media landscape appears to be from 61 years ago, we are still feverishly discussing the same subjects and fighting the same battles, even if the example given in the video seems extremely childish and prudish. One of them is the issue of artistic integrity vs. public pressure such as the recent scandals over Rush Limbaugh, or the campaign to change the ending of a major gaming franchise.

What I found fascinating is how little things have really change, argument wise. Serling’s statements on art, writing, commercial success and media echo word for word in my mind. Even the Red/Blue socio-political divide and the preoccupation with the corrupting influence of  money in society. Overall it is a fascinating interview which I hope will spark many a conversation to come.


2 comments on “Space for Rent: Rod Serling-Then and Today

  1. Great interview. Rod Serling was a fascinating guy. His influence on writing for television (and the medium in general) was enormous.

    Censorship and corporate finger-poking are exactly why I stick to writing novels and short stories. I love film, television as mediums for great storytelling (and I’ve done some work in the game industry), but I don’t think I could handle inviting so many cooks into my kitchen. My work has to be my own, and I’m not good with that sort of compromise. Bless those that can, though. And those, like Serling, that have put up the fight for creative freedom.


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