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Weekend Roundup + Breaking News: March 18-24

Tweet of the Day: Freudian Friday: The Salvatore Brothers


First the Breaking News!

I’m taking a break from blogging.

<Cue audience, “Aaaaawwww!”>

Yes, yes I know you will miss me, a bit. But to be honest I need to concentrate on my WiP. I realized that what people say about your first book(s) is right. They are crap. Or at least they are the crap you write before you get better at writing crap.

Wait, that came out wrong….

Here is the score so far:

  1. Neither Here nor There….: Novella. Limited market, outside of my field (spec-fic) not fit to hook an agent with.
  2. Sturm und Drang: First and only NaNo (before I discovered I could not do NaNo, bad for my back). Needs a lot of work.
  3. Ruins of Empire: Current WiP with a lot of promise. Big universe, plenty of characters, a good agent hook at 80k+ words.
  4. Mallorie & Ricardo: Second WiP, stalled and it distracts me from #3.

So I need the time to finish RoE, send it to at least one of my Betas (hi Gypsy!) and see what happens. I will shop #1 to narrow markets like Carina Press and see if I can get anything out of it.

That means that work on the blog in the next four weeks (time I estimate to finishing RoE) will be light. There will be updates, I mean I can’t quit cold turkey, but I will suspend daily blogging until the end of April. Another reason is that I spent this week writing and posting a major arc in Wizards’ World War Season 2. That took out a lot of me, more than I expected, and frankly I’m not entirely happy with the results. Juggling two serials and a full novel is not a recipe for success.

At least for me.

Time to put thy nose to the grindstone I say!

And yes, I binged on on music this week. Plus one thing I get say about the Mass Effect 3 ending, it is so bad that there is no way I could write something worse than that. Just as bad? Maybe, but not worse! BTW, you can still find me in the usual places: AW forums, Twitter (@RafaWriter) or drop a message on the comment box and I will answer ASAP.

See you by the river!


And now for a bit of Mitchell & Webb:

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