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Weekend Roundup: March 11-17

Tweet of the Day: Freudian Friday: A Woman’s Right to Know


There was a bit of a running theme though out the week, brought to you by my massive disappointment (SPOILERS) of the ending of Mass Effect 3. Yeah, you know, the game I’ve been hyping on this blog on and off oh, I don’t know, the last six to ten months.


To say that it was bad, is to summon the mother of all understatements. Not the game, the game was great, which made the so called ending even worse. Let’s put it this way, thousands of fans are angry, tens of thousands and many prefer “It was just a dream” to the ending the actually go. Yeah, the prefer the worst ending trope ever created to the stuff at the end of the disc they payed over $60 (US) for. To top it of, the industry has gone into self-defense mode, attacking the very people that sustain it as “whinny fanboys.” Way to grow your audience!

But you are (probably) not  a gamer or have invested so much emotional baggage into this as I have and therefore do not have that sinking feeling when the airline lost your luggage and left you stranded on the wrong side of the continent. So unto the week in blogging.

Let this be a lesson to you, kid. Excessive fan wank is bad for you. 😦

Until next week. 😉


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