Ambrosius the Warlord 9: The Grail

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Severus the Rogue 1810


Brave cousin Kay went down Cornubia’s way.

Through roads and fields he searched for Tintagel.

But on a turn of the road, he met a surly troll that with one swipe of the fist smashed his head in.

Thus nothing was left of the quest for the grail except the bloody dead.


2 comments on “Ambrosius the Warlord 9: The Grail

  1. Hi there!

    I enjoy reading your blog, so I tagged you in my ‘lucky 7 meme’! If you’re not too familiar with it, feel free to head on over to my blog post that explains it a little better;


    I realise I’m blindsiding you so feel free to not commit if you’re swamped.



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