NaStyRoMo 2012: Wants and Needs

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NastyRoMo 2012The Wolf and the Songbird A Long Way BackUnder the Stars

So the great experiment in paranormal romance comes to an end. A tip of the heart to all those who supported me with advice, comments and general encouragement. I hope this last chapter lives up to your expectations.


I chucked the rock as hard as I could. It hit the camera with a loud thud. I ran for it. Under the glare of the cameraman’s light the tree branches reached out like gnarled fingers at my feet. I ducked underneath a large overhang. The TV crew ran past, the light bobbed up and down into the distance. Then a pair of bright yellow eyes appeared inches from my face.

 “Jason!” I said. It, now a cross between man and beast, half growled half whined. I put my arms around its neck, “Shhh!” I sang as gently as I could into his ear. The change came quickly. I opened the gym bag I carried, “Here, put this on.” Jason slipped into the baggy clothes.

“I need you,” he said between panting breaths.

 And I kissed him, a long electrifying kiss. The magic coursed through our veins. I could not let go.

 I’m not letting go! Never again!

 A bright light shone in our faces. Next stop was the local police station. A few hours of interrogations, worried parents and hot cocoa followed. Sitting in a bench while parents, police and irate anchorman argued about property damage I took Jason’s hand.

 “Never again, do you hear me?” I whispered.

 His eyebrows arched, “You mean?”

I need you!

“Yes. Just let me, you know, set it up, okay?”

“Whatever you say.”

In the end the Superintendent reminded the news crew that all charges against minors would go public but that the names of the minors would have to be kept from the public, while their names would not.

Sad really. I mean, I know that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but if the memory card is as broken as you claim, you came all the way out here for nothing. Mighty embarrassing to end up with no footage and a tale of two teenagers snogging in the woods.” He turned to us, “Not that we approve of such things, mind you.”

Our families took us our separate ways, but I vowed to finished the ritual. Jason needed me and I needed him. The angst just melted away. We pooled our money together and booked a bed in a local B&B. Our parents knew what we were doing in, but looked the other way.

 When the night came I was so nervous. Old worries flooded back.

Is it the magic? Yes, it is and love to. Love is magic, right?

Soft music flooded the warm room. He came out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waste. He blushed.

“I should have….”

I moved in, “Nothing I haven’t seen before. Just answer one question, okay?”


“Do you need me?”


What followed was:




We stayed together, as a couple, through the rest of the school year and the year after that. By the time Uni rolled around we knew we would have to part. He went down to London, I went up to Edinburgh.

We met other people, studied and kept in touch.

Three years later we bumped into each other outside a coffee house in Bleddynglen’s village square.

 “Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I said.

“Fancy a coffee?” he asked.

And then I knew what Mum meant about the bond. Looking into his amber eyes I knew I fancied more than just a coffee. In spite of the three years and hundred of miles between us, I fancied long walks, longer talks and nights of pure pleasure with him.


Nobody was surprised when we announced the engagement a month later.



6 comments on “NaStyRoMo 2012: Wants and Needs

  1. I love the way you ended this. I seriously can’t.


  2. I cannot end mine yet. I am way past the month of Feb.but my story has just evolved…not ready do say goodbye to my characters.


  3. I really like how you ended it, too. There’s some really good, terse lines and there. I especially liked this bit:

    “What followed was:





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