NaStyRoMo 2012: Under the Stars

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A thin band of stars stretched across the sky. Thick blankets and Jason’s warmth kept the Autumn cold away. Too bad the twinkling stars could not cut the cold knot in my stomach. I ran a hand over Jason’s chest. He filled out nicely during the summer. I supposed Rugby also helped. I had fallen asleep but he kept watch over me.

 “Hey, that tickles,” he said putting his hand over mine.

 “Oh, you’re ticklish?”

 “Yeah, but I’m not the only one!”

 We tussled in a tickle contest until tears rolled down our eyes from the laughter.

 “At least I don’t snore,” he said.

 “I don’t snore!”

 “Oh yes, you do. Loud too!”

 “I do not!”

 “Fine. Good thing I forgot my recorder.”

 “You wouldn’t!”

 He shook his head, “No I wouldn’t. Not to you.”

“At least you can say that we slept together,” I said.

 He sat up, head hung low, “Literally.”

“Wait, you thought it was going to be that easy? That you just had to bring me out here and we would have a go at it?”

 He turned to me with those amber eyes that reflected the vivid starlight, “Isn’t that how it goes? Do something romantic, get you in the mood and then….” his voice trailed off.

 I knew he wanted some alone time. I wanted it too but there was something else in the tone of his voice, an insecurity had crept in that was not like him. He changed and it was all my fault.

 “I guess,” I wrapped my arms around his wide shoulders, “it was, is a lovely gesture. The night is beautiful. Sorry if I misunderstood.”

 He shrugged, “Not your fault. None of it is. I’m not very good at this. Can’t expect much if you don’t know what I’m doing.”

 Don’t know what your doing in?

 “Wait, what do you mean?” he pulled away. “Oh Jason! I thought you might have shagged a few French girls in the Riviera.”

 “I wish.”

 “You wish?”

 “You know what I mean.”

 Anger welled up inside me. The idea of Jason frolicking with some topless French tart on a beach somewhere didn’t sit well with me. Then I remembered I brought it up in the first place.

 Jennifer, that was sooo brilliant!

 “So you’re—”

 “We are,” he corrected me. “And that’s fine because I wanted it to be you. I’m in love with you Jenn, I really am. Being that way for ages, really. I mean you’re the only one that laughs at my jokes. Hell, you laugh even when I don’t make a joke. I like it when you laugh.”

 “So you never?”

 “No! I mean no, I haven’t.”


 “The thing is that I really wanted it to be you, you know. But then when you told me we didn’t I thought it was me. I mean who the hell wants to be shagged by a monster.”

“You’re not a monster!”

 “I am. Part of me is and the only thing keeping it at bay is you,” he got up. “I’m doing this all wrong. You hate me, no, you’re afraid of me!”

 How could I explain that it wasn’t him, but the magic, the whole idea that I had to do it, just let it happen. That what we felt for each other was nothing more than the magic talking. I pulled him back down.

 “Jason, I am here with you, okay?”


 We drove back to the village, each one lost in our own thoughts. I didn’t want to push him away but the whole ritual thing just gnawed at me.

 Damned ritual! Damned curse! Damn me!

 Mum and Dad sat in front of the telly as they always did when they waited up for me. But this time it wasn’t Dad’s reassuring question that caught my ear, but the the voice over in a advert.

“Legends of mystical werewolves surround the village of Bleddynglen, now ITVN Wales is going deep into the woods to find out how true the legend is.”

 Lone wolf…oh shite!


And now for a romantic tune full of teenage agnst to fit the mood, thanks to Aheïla:

2 comments on “NaStyRoMo 2012: Under the Stars

  1. Love the song and the amazing story! Good for you.


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