TV Tropes Monday: All Love is Unrequited

Tweet of the Day: Alexios & Elysia #4


Calendar check…yeah, still February. For the shortest month of the year this one has crawled across my consciousness at too slow a pace.  Of course that means that there is still room for another love related trope. Time to dash those little hearts with one ugly fact:

All Love is Unrequited.

Yes, you pine, you sigh, you stalk, you get arrested after setting you’re would be beloved garage on fire. You didn’t mean too, honest, how were you supposed to know that paint thinner would light up after you accidentally dropped the match you were using as a light while you waited for her to come out and dump the garbage?

But that’s sort of another type of love, if you can call it that. No this is the kind of work where would be lovers sigh in corners, doodle on notebooks and stare blankly at the objects of desire while said object has nary a clue of what is going on. Worse, they probably pine, doddle and sigh for someone else and so on, like when you catch your reflection in to facing mirrors.

It never ends. Or does it? The ending of this trope usually goes like this: A) the sufferer realizes that someone else also wants him/her/it (we don’t discriminate against aliens or paranormal creatures, except vamps) and switches his affections accordingly or B) the object of desire is undeserving, being a snob, mean, stupid or simply vapid. There is of course the option set out in the paragraph above, but that is another trope, related, but distinct from this one.

What rarely happens is that the object does find out, does not abuse the enamored in any way and does the best to either let them down easy or explains a very simple fact, they are not required to love the other person back just because. Of course that one is too logical for most plot lines, since it lacks cruel seed of conflict, but Cervantes did manage to pull it of in his book I don’t see why it can’t be done more often.

Oh and remember that this can be flipped as well. Just so you know.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: All Love is Unrequited

  1. Thanks for the Tweet. Once I actually get a hang of Twitter and learn how to successfully use it to my potential I’ll return the favor!
    I love your writing here. I avoid those sites that tell you how to write, plots, what to write, what the characters should do, or should not to..I avoid all of them, especially the ones I actually signed up for (moment of weakness). I follow my instinct and I am crossing my fingers that my novel will be published because I did just that. Sometimes, going with the flow drowns you!
    Best regards, Chrissy


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