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TV Tropes Monday: Must Have Caffeine

Tweet of the Day: Six Sentence Sunday – Vexx ——- Okay, after last week hyperactivity this post comes oh so very late, yet here it is. First of it was between Lampshade Hanging or this, so I went with Must Have Caffeine. To quote the first (short) paragraph of the Trope page: Ah, caffeine! Truly […]

Weekend Roundup: January 15-21

Tweet of the Day: A Must-Know Tip For Slam-Blang Finales ——- Busy and weird week this one was: experiments, serials and the SOPA/PIPA protests. Mine was a white out instead of a blackout, but I think I made my point. So what happened this week: Sun: Post on Sundays? Yes, Mr. Dursley- Experimenting with Serials […]

January 2011 Blog Chain: Winter Nightmare

Tweet of the Day: WRITING FIGHTING (SCENES): 12 THINGS WRITERS NEED TO KNOW ——- Another month, another Blog Chain. You know the drill. First the instructions: This month’s prompt: Winter Nightmare Another broad one: go wherever the prompt takes you. It can be fiction or non-fiction, the nightmare can be Cthulhu or just a struggle […]

Ambrosious the Warlord 2: A Summer Glade

Tweet of the Day: Crusading without a Cross ——- Severus the Rogue – 1 – 3 ——- “Gwen, wait!” She looked over her shoulder and spurred her mount on. I followed. Hooves skipped over stones. Heads dodged low branches. The forest opened into a small glade. A creek danced down moss draped square stones. She […]

Wizards’ World War (S.2): Dispatch 3- Rich Man’s Burden

Tweet of the Day: How I Learned to Write ——– Season 1 – Dispatch1  – Dispatch. 2 – Dispatch.4 ——– The Cabinet Room, 10th Downing Street, City of London, 21 December, 09:44 hrs GMT The distant rumble of snowplows penetrated the well appointed room. Large portraits of ministers past looked on as the Prime Minister […]

TV Tropes Monday: Most Writers Are Male

Tweet of the Day: The Pros and Cons of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers ——- Most writers are male. Duh! Well, at least in Hollywoodland but not only there. Check most spec-fiction and it is still male dominated. Of course, the truth is that skip to the next section and it might be the ladies […]

Experimenting with Serials: Ambrosious and Other Tales

Tweet of the Day: If ‘Red Tails’ Crashes Does Black Cinema Crash With It? ——– That’s experimenting with serials, not the aborted monstrosity of three one-fifths morning cereal boxes, goat’s milk, beer and a hung over College junior. Not that I would know…. Okay, back to the subject. You may have wondered why anyone would […]