Experimenting with Serials: Ambrosious and Other Tales

Tweet of the Day: If ‘Red Tails’ Crashes Does Black Cinema Crash With It?


That’s experimenting with serials, not the aborted monstrosity of three one-fifths morning cereal boxes, goat’s milk, beer and a hung over College junior.

Not that I would know….

Okay, back to the subject. You may have wondered why anyone would post their writing (beyond excerpts) on their blogs when a) they are giving away their hard work, and b) once published in a blog most publishers won’t touch it.  The obvious answer is to hook readers to your work, but there more to it, at least for me. It gives me a chance to experiment with my writing without the burdens of publications. It frees me to experiment with my writing without harming my publishable WiPs.

Take the new serial I’m working on. I’m thinking of using multiple first-person, similar too, but not exactly like an epistolary novel , although it may have elements of that as well. Unless I was trying to write experimental/literary fiction, such a move would doom any story, but in my blog I don’t have to worry about that. I jumped between 1st and 3rd in Wizards’ World War and it felt natural to me. if it doesn’t work, my readers can clue me in on that as well. I trust them more than an unknown agent. Thus I exploit the freedom of expression, both in content and form, that the blog provides.

I hope it works! 😉


6 comments on “Experimenting with Serials: Ambrosious and Other Tales

  1. Your personal reasons make absolute sense. And you know I’ve loved reading what you’ve been sharing thus far. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂


    • Thank you and thank you. 😉

      Funny how the blog has revived the old newspaper serial while allowing said experimentation. I don’t know it just feels right to me to jump PoVs the way I do. I’m sure it would drive many an editor (and not a few readers) to book throwing madness, but hey….

      And again, thank you for all your support Tasha. 😀


  2. Yeah this is why I want to start writing a serial. Writing without constraints is an awesome feeling too.


  3. I like writing serials because it forces me to finish what I’ve started. I have six or eight manuscripts on my hard drive, all in various stages of “almost done” – even my NaNo novels aren’t really finished because I’d skip ahead or leave gaps all in the name of getting the word count in. But when I start a serial, I’m pretty much forced to stick with it and keep plodding along until it’s finished.


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