Space for Rent: The Power of Creation

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I have a confession to make. I haven’t written a new book in about a year. I worked, edited, re-written, pitched existing works but no new novel length material. Sure, I posted dozens of shorts, most of them in serial form during the year (see tabs above) but they are not the same.

Short stories are flashes in the pan. Sleepy doodles on the page. Novels are attempts at something larger, a full sculpture if you will. Filled to the brim with characters, research, details, situations and the like. Nothing feels quite like it.

You guessed it, I’m back!

And in the weirdest way too.

This one is called Mallorie & Ricardo (a slight change from Richard, the new name felt more Mediterranean). The name along should ring some bells. I’m writing a story with a romance type title? Yes. It also kicks off with a two part sex scene to boot (it makes sense in context, I hope).  Then there is the time frame reference: Renaissance Italy from the 13th-16th centuries. Which means guns + magic! Coming from the old mold of heroic fantasy where magic squashes technology that’s a big change for me.  My work around means that magic items are unique to the maker/user and that alchemy abounds. Where do you think these people got Greek Fire and gunpowder from?

Not to mention love potions. No, we won’t mention them. Nasty stuff.

I will mention the joys of discovery writing. Every page comes alive with a new scene. The one I’m currently working on involves a brothel, drunken spoiled brats and a sword fight in a dark alley.  Then there is the whole dark god, messing with Christian dogma by infusing Agnostic ideas into the mix.

I know, I’m going to hell.

So how are you doing in the writing front?


2 comments on “Space for Rent: The Power of Creation

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. Italian Renaissance. Magic. 🙂

    I’m hoping to finish my WIP by New Years…


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