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World Building: Recycling Ideas

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I love when a new story surges through me. Not just the odd short, but a completely new novel. Nothing feels quite like it. The new project is a Renaissance Fantasy called Mallorie & Richard. Yes, it has romantic overtones, as it centers around the life of two young Venetrian aristocrats, the ongoing conflicts withing and between the city-state families and a lurking evil from beyond the horizon.

Of course, a new book means going back to world building and I find myself recycling some ideas that I either used in some other form before or have lingered in my mind for some time. This is not a bad thing. Many of my old ideas simply lacked a fertile ground to grow, others have more angles to them.

But shoehorning old ideas into new spaces is not the way to go. They must be molded to the requirements of the story instead of imposing themselves on it.  Here are a few ideas I’m reusing:


Tethys/Shallow Sea(s)

Patrician/Aristocratic Families

Betrayal of Parents to/from Children

Island City/States

Mediterranean Culture

Gender Based Magic(s)

Magical Weapons (Swords and Others)

Just a handful right now, I’m sure more will crop up as I write the draft. And yes, I am fully aware that none of these ideas are original in anyway, shape or form. Will see what happens next.

So, do you recycle your old world building ideas?


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