TV Tropes Monday: Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped

Tweet of the Day: The Dark Heart of the American West, or Some Musings on Blood Meridian


Sometimes an author needs to make himself clear, lets he be misunderstood by lack of clarity or worse omission. That’s when he goes to the Acme Anvil Factory and orders a couple of dozen of this trope.

Yes, subtlety is nice, but do you want your readers to miss your point all together and think you are pro-slavery or endorse rape or some such?

I’ll take your silence as a no. Which means that you have to hammer the point home. Happens most often in works inspired by other writers, but not in the “I think this author is great and I want to write like him/her” but in the “Oh my gawd! I can’t believe this, this is so wrong!” Of course this might take a detour into an Author’s Filibuster or even turn the whole work into an Author’s Tract, but if done well, it can be satisfying to an audience that expects a clear message about certain things.

Still, this is dangerous territory, so if you need to drop said anvil, drop it hard and fast, then move on.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped

  1. I don’t like writing that preaches but I do like writing with an reasonably identifiable point. 😀


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