Harry Potter: A Very Weasley Christmas

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I always believed that you should wait until December before you start decorating trees and put the carols on endless repeat on the music player.

Guess what, today is December 1st.

Happy Holidays!

Of course, as long time readers of this blog know, I have a soft spot for this time of year. A time of joy, a time of tears, a time where we look to new tidings and reminisce about the past.  And an excellent time for short fiction.

So without further ado….


The Weasley clan crowded in the Burrow’s living room. A little wireless belted out Christmas tunes while Ginny, Angelina and Fleur watched tiny Victoire dart from one end of the living room to the next her one-year old hands and eyes exploring every inch of her grandparents home.  Harry darted upstairs to use the loo after one too many shots of firewhiskey. In swerved around Crookshanks sleeping form on the next to last step to the second landing only to collide with Ron. Ron fumbled with something and hid it behind his back.

“What’s that?” asked Harry.

“Nothing!” said Ron. The reddening of his best friend’s ear tips told him that it was far from nothing.

“Come off it, what is it?”

“Wot is wot?”

“That thing you’re hiding behind your back,” said Harry.

“I’m not-”





In horror Ron turned to see a little box tumble down the stairs. He glanced at Crookshank who a moment before swatted it from his hands. He raced down to bottom of the stairs only to see Hermione pick it up.

“Ron, what is this?” she said, her eyebrows knitted together.

“Nothing!” he said, but before he could take it from Hermione’s hand.


The box opened with a snap revealing a small gleaming diamond a top a golden loop. The light of the Christmas tree candles refracted from the glowing facets of the gem into Hermione’s tear filled eyes.

“Ronald?” asked Hermione

“Well, that…you see…,” stammered Ron.

Harry squeezed past him, “Do it already!” he whispered into Ron’s ear.

Molly came out of the kitchen with a tray full of pies. At the sight of the ring she screamed at the top of her lungs, “ARTHUR! ARTHUR!”

“Woooot? Waaa? What’s going on,” stirred Mr. Weasley feebly from his comfortable recliner.

Ron’s blue eyes grew wide. His head swiveled to and fro in a panic as everyone stared at him, waiting for his next words. He dropped to one knee.

“HermioneJeanGrangerwillyourmarryme!” he said.

“What!?!” she said.

George shook his head, “That seems to be the word of the night,” he said. The remark earned him a well placed elbow to the ribs from a very pregnant Angelina.

Ron took a deep breath, stood up slowly and said, “Hermione, will you marry me?” She jumped on him, putting all her weight on his neck. “Mione, your, can’t breath, hack!”

“YES!YES!YES!YES! OH I’M SORRY,” she dropped back down to the ground, “Yes I will.”

Ron rubbed his neck, “Life, flashed, eyes, woooo!”

Everyone crowded around them, showering the newly engaged couple with congratulations. Harry moved to join them when Ginny grabbed his elbow.

“I think we should let them have their moment,” she said with nod. “Besides, Mum should catch her breath before you make your big announcement,” she said patting Harry’s jacket. A hollow wooden sound rattled from within it.

“How did you know?” asked Harry.

She winked, “The answer to your question is…Yes!”


2 comments on “Harry Potter: A Very Weasley Christmas

  1. Nicely done, Ralfast! It had a very nice pace, and just the right amount of sentiment mixed in with the humor.


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