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Sunday Tweet: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges!


Tweet of the Day: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges!


Writers will forever live in envy of those who can create or capture an image on paper or screen. A lot of writers are also graphic writers, but when it comes to converting the pictures in our minds to words, well at a thousand words per picture, no database could hold so much information and nobody would have the patience to read them all.

For those who can not paint or draw there is the photograph. A simple press of the button can stop time and shoehorn a moment into a single frame.

Go on and press the link above. Go on, don’t be shy, I’ll wait.

What did you see?

No, wrong question, because unless you are color blind, or just blind, you saw the same I did.

What did you perceive? What caught your mind’s eye? The ancient architecture? Or maybe the mist hovering above the water?

Try to put all that in a page, you can’t do it. Good thing you don’t have to, because a good writer doesn’t. He just gives us enough details to frame our pictures in our minds.



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