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Mass Effect 3: Conversations DLC

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This is the last of the “bridging” stories/DLCs (Downloadable Content)


Normandy SR-2, Port Observation Deck, Space Dock 1, Arcturus Station

Ash took another sip from her glass. A synth heavy pop song from Illumiun played in the background. Behind them, as seen through the window of the ship’s lounge,  dock workers in space suits flew by, putting the finishing touches to the Normandy’s new paint scheme.   The Observation Deck was the only place on the ship that she felt comfortable. She could have used the Captain’s quarters, but….

It still has his…scent. His quarters, his ship, I’m just a caretaker.

EDI’s holographic interfaced popped up.

“Lieutenant Williams, you have a visitor,” said the ship’s A.I. in a soft feminine voice.

“Who is it?” asked Ash.

“Doctor Liara T’Soni,” said EDI.

“Liara? Here? Tell her I’m in the Observation Deck,” said Ash.

The doors opened, “She’s already did,” said Liara. Ash embraced her, which caught Liara by surprise, but she returned the gesture.

“How have you been?” asked Ash.

“Busy, but not as busy as you, I see,” said Liara.

Ash went over to the bar and poured another glass of wine, “Anderson sent me a case. I’m more of a beer and whiskey kind of gal, but I gotten use to it,” Ash said. She handed a glass to Liara while she topped off her own. “So what brings you all the way to Arcturus?”

“This,” said Liara. She gave Ash a datapad. “I could not trust regular channels, not even my channels.”

Ash raised an eyebrow, “Uhum…wait, are you sure about this?”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense, Lieutenant–”

“Liara, please, call me Ash, okay?”

“Okay. I like what you done with your hair.”

Ash ran a hand through her long tresses. “Oh, this. Well, I thought I change things up a little. You know, now that I’m a Spectre, I don’t have to wear my hair regulation style.”  She read the datapad, “It does make sense, in a way…but I’m not sure how we can use this,” said Ash. She sat back on the sofa.

“Neither do I. I was hoping that Shepard…” Liara looked away.

“That’s why you came, isn’t it? You dropped everything for him. He told me about what you did and…thank you. I don’t think I would have done the same. No, I didn’t do it, but you did. You dealt with Cerberus and…I just couldn’t do it. That’s why he chose you, I guess.”

“Ash, don’t say that, I just saw a chance and took it. Handing him over to Cerberus was a desperate move, desperate and stupid. Lucky for us Shepard corrected that mistake.”

Ash laughed, “So here we are, Shepard’s little fan club.”

“Not the whole fan club,” said Liara with a wink.

“You’re right. I think it’s time we tell her,” Ash spoke into her omni-tool. “Tali, could you come up here a moment?”

A voice came through the device, “Sure thing Lieutenant, I’m on my way.”

Minutes later Tali came into the room, “Liara?” She rushed to give Liara a heartfelt hug. “What are you doing here? I though you would be too busy to visit and you are drinking?” she glanced back and forth between the other women, “Is Shepard’s hearing over? Is he okay?” Ash and Liara looked at each other and then back at Tali. Ash laughed while Liara put a hand on her hip. “What are you two going on about?” Ash retrieved a green bottle from behind the bar and handed it over to Tali. Tali used the attached straw to drink from it.

“This is the first meeting of the Shepard female fan club,” said Ash.

“Fan club, then what I’m a doing here?” asked Tali.

“We know,” said Ash.

“Know what?” said Tali.

“It’s okay Tali, I don’t mind,” said Liara.

“But you and him…I mean…are you making fun of me?” said Tali with her hands in her hips.

“No, of course not. We just thought we might have a toast on the Commander’s behalf. As well as clear the air, so to speak,” said Ash.

“Oh, well I didn’t mean to insinuate, that is to get in the way of you and Shepard, that’s why I didn’t say anything and besides I didn’t know how he would feel about it because I’m a Quarian and he is human and  we are not really compatible and maybe Ashley would be a better fit and–”

Ash put a hand on Tali’s shoulder, “Tali…breathe.”

Tali inhaled deeply, “Ah….keelah! I sound like a stupid little girl.”

“So did I,” said Liara.

“Oh boy, I feel like the old woman in the room,” said Ash.

“Well, in a way, you are,” said Tali.

“Oh thanks!” said Ash.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s all relative really and….”said Tali.

Ash laughed even harder. The others joined her. The conversation continued, with Liara giving the other women tidbits about Shepard’s quirks. EDI’s holographic projection interrupted the conversation.

“Lieutenant Williams, message from Admiral Hackett,” said EDI.

Ash omni-tool projected the Admiral’s face, “Admiral?”

“We have incoming warships. Silhouette’s match Sovereign. It is a full scale Reaper attack,” said the Admiral.

“Orders?” asked Ash.

“We will cover your exit. Go get him,” said the Admiral.

“Understood Admiral, Williams out!”

The women rushed to their stations. Ash reached the CiC and punched up the galaxy map. The bay’s doors open. The Normandy’s thrusters flared to life. Monstrous figures, each one kilometers long, lashed at the station with powerful kinetic weapons. Streams of hydrostatic metals ripped open the stations outer shell. Atmosphere vented through the holes. Earth Alliance ships moved to intercept. The Reaper’s weapons array tore the heaviest ships to shreds with a single blasts.

“Lieutenant, what do we do?” asked a panicked Joker from the cockpit.

“We get the Hell out of here!” ordered Ash.




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