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Sunday Tweet: Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades

Tweet of the Day: Carpetbaggery


The Sunday Tweet was brought to you by Michal of the excellent blog One Last Sketch.

Often readers/writers of speculative fiction, as well as creators and fans of other genres/formats such as animation, find themselves confined to sectors of the media which are walled off be it by scholastic criticism or investor bias (studios, publishers, TV studios, etc).

Many fight to break out of these holes, but others, specially among the fans, embrace the unique atmosphere of the comic book store, the sci-fi convention or the online gaming forum and fight furiously against the casual intruder who fails the True Scotsman test.

In his post Michal does a great job of breaking down these self-impose barricades for the snobbish shooting-one-self-in-the-foot idiocy that  harms everybody involved. One thing is to defend the genre you love against ignorant outsiders, another to embrace said ignorance and wear it like a badge of pride.

For more on the subject I  beseech you to go and read the original article. You will not be disappointed.


Warning: Lots of cussing ahead, you have been warned!


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