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Space for Rent: In Defense of NaNoWriMo

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NaNo can be a pain and the question in everybody’s mind is, why would you put yourself through such a thing?

I mean, just write a book already!

Then they are those who look down at the whole NaNo experience as month’s worth of trash compactor’s fodder. Not real literature and all of that.

Well, guess what?

You can take your smug attitude and shove it.

I know that you still believe in the idea of the writer as the most rarefied class of artist, toiling away in obscure dislligence day and night until out of their consciousness, like a spell weaved by a Shakespearean fairy queen, comes forth the next Nobel Price/New York Times Bestseller of the century.

Get over yourself.

This is the 21st century.

The information age.

The age of word processors, computers, social networks and vast reams of data points floating in a sea of electrons. It is to the hard copy what Gutenberg’s press was to the monk in the scriptorium. NaNo is about the experience of writing as much the work itself. True, it is the province of the thousand monkeys on typewriters, but you don’t know what will come out until you read it.

So stop whining.

You don’t want to do it, fine.

So when is your book coming out exactly?


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