NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Dramatis Personae

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NaNo confession time.

I gave up, sort of….

Back pain induced by stress derailed me and I haven’t updated in nearly a week. I still got time and I will finish the book, but may be NaNo wasn’t the best fit for it, format wise. Still, I encourage all those who are pounding away at the keys right now to keep going. I shall join you shortly. In the meantime I give you another world building post.

Ruins of Empire: Dramatis Personae

  • Duke Edward de Havilland: Son of Charles and Isolde, former Duke and Duchesses of House Major de Havilland. Twenty-tow years old at the start of the story, he assumes the title after his parents deaths during a visit to the military academy in Arhmhurst.
  • Lady Andrea, First Elector of House Kaiser: Oldest daughter of Archduchess Maria Theressa of House Major Kaiser and her mother’s appointed successor. Her position covers her House diplomatic portfolio, a tasks she enjoys ad which brings her into contact with Edward during his father’s funeral.
  • Athena, Handmaiden to Lady Andrea: Body guard, confidant and constant companion of Lady Andrea. She is a Α-Class Empath trained in psychic enhanced hand-to hand combat. The two were paired off at the age of ten and developed a close rapport to the point that they can communicate with each other through “mind whispers.”
  • Roan, Markgraf of Cologne: Lady Andrea’s older brother (both children from the Archduchess first marriage), head of the Kaiser space forces and “Defender of the Realm”. As a male child he is not (by tradition, not law) a candidate for First Elector and can not become leader of his House.
  • Dame Sarah Lynn-Parker, Speaker of Stars: Head of the Communications and Transportation Directorate within the Imperial Bureaucratic Corps, access to intergalactic data traffic also makes her the head of the I.B.C. intelligence arm. Although the central spar of the galaxy is ruled by a I.B.C. committee until such time as a new emperor is crowned, Dame Parker keeps her own counsel at all times.
  • Baron Maximilian Lancaster, of House Minor Lancaster: One of countless Barons that rule (House Minor) sections of the Sagittarius Arm under House Major de Havilland.  Known for his outlandish sense of fashion as well as being an outspoken critic of Duke Edward policies.
  • Admiral Weber, Chief of Naval Operations, House de Havilland: Head of Naval Operations of the de Havilland Navy. He is also in charge of military intelligence. His reputation has suffered during the recent conflict with the Imperial Guard as intelligence failures have given the enemy numerable advantages over his forces.
  • Commodore Grayson, Commander of the Home Fleet: An aggressive leader and commander of the de Havilland core forces. A man that believes in leading from the front and a veteran of multiple campaigns.
  • Benjamin ‘Karas’ Caratacus, Duke de Havilland Chief of Staff: Long time friend of the de Havilland family he now serves to generations of de Havillands as their chief political adviser. Known for his calm demeanor in times of crisis and in a first name basis with Duke Edward, by the Duke’s own request.
  • Lieutenant Hayle, Capital Constabulary, Bastogne/Ezra: A dedicated police officer with over a decade of service, she comes from a large police family. As the events on Ezra unfold, she must decide on which side she is on and what is she willing to do to win.
  • Captain Koralov, Aide-de-Camp to the Imperial Guard’s Star Marshall: A young officer who has risen swiftly through the ranks of the Imperial Navy. He is now the assistant to the Star Marshall himself. His patron is Admiral Polemius, a known member of the “reform” faction within the I.G. General Staff.
  • Star Marshall Archibold Milieus:  A politically astute officer of the General Staff known for his ability to build consensus between the different factions within the General Staff. He is also the head of the “traditionalist” faction.
  • Lady Galatea, of Clan Dawn, Garou Leadership Council: Sporting the deep red fur color of the Garou female and a keen appreciation of internal and external politics, Lady Galatea looks beyond the petty inter clan squabbles that divide the Garou to the larger galactic politics. She is firmly entrenched in the “imperial” camp within the Garou clans.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg and some names are prone to change. At least it should give you a good idea of the characters behind the story.


2 comments on “NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Dramatis Personae

  1. First, I hope your back pain lessens. 😦

    And don’t feel bad about NaNo. Sometimes it just can’t be. The important thing is that you are still working on your novel when you can.

    I love all the details you are working out…


    • Is not that bad, but spending a few hours writing on my chair does make it worse or at least it doesn’t help. I’ll try and see if I can finish, just so I can say I did it.


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