NaNo 2011: Piling on the Dialogue

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Back pain has slowed down my NaNoing but I’m still at it. I have discovered an interesting trend, my characters can’t shut the hell up! Every scene is talk, talk, talk and talk some more. I mean like dialogue, I think it is one of my (few) fortes but still.

So I ask you gentle reader(s), how much dialogue is too much?


2 comments on “NaNo 2011: Piling on the Dialogue

  1. There are never simple answers to these sorta questions. There are plenty of excellent dialogue heavy novels, and plenty of bad ones, too.

    i would say it’s not the amount of dialogue, but the way it is presented. Are these just talking heads? Or are these characters in a grounded, realized setting?

    Is the dialogue pushing the plot forward in some way? And/or revealing bits of the character?


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