NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Encyclopedia Galactica

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More world building stuff, this time an “encyclopedia” of useful terms. Again, this is a reconstruction, since I lost the original some time ago. Now, in no particular order (and therefore defying the encyclopedic concept|) here are a few terms:

Galactic Empire: Form of hereditary government that claimed dominion over the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy. Currently defunct.

Throne of Stars: Galactic seat of government. Established on Pharriss Prime.

I.C.: Imperial Calendar. Current year 1300. Year Zero 3000 CE. Not in used outside the central spar.

Imperial Credit Standard: Or ICS (not to be confused with I.C.). Serves as the galactic monetary reserve standard and main form of galactic currency.

Imperial Governance Bureau: The main bureaucratic/technocratic corp that enabled the Emperor to administer the galaxy. They now control the central spar of the galaxy waiting for a new Emperor to take the Throne of Stars.

Imperial Navy: Main military branch of the Empire. It’s mission was to patrol the trade routes between worlds and uphold Imperial writ(s). Currently divided among the House Major with 40% under the control of the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Arm.

Star Marshall: Supreme military commander under the Empire.

Gate Network: A series of “jump” gates that allow ships to traverse space at Faster Than Light travel (FTL) and also serve as transmitters for FTL-communication between star systems. Military vessels rely on their own “jump engines” for FTL, but this makes them several orders of magnitude more expensive than not FTL equipped ships.

Imperial Marine Corps: Support ground units of the Imperial Navy. Specialized in using powered armor for planetary assaults.

House-Major: Political subdivisions of the Empire. Each house controls an arm of the galaxy. Five Houses exists divided into a host of House-Minor.

House Regiments: Military forces of each House-Major. Considered to be inferior in quality to former Imperial elite forces (Navy/Marines). Most of the these forces serve as planetary garrisons and/or system defense. Since the fall of the Third Dynasty many of the forces have expanded. Some, like the 555th Infantry Regiment of House de Havilland have acquired reputations rivaling the former Imperial counterparts.

The Red Horse: A mercenary “company”. One of many that came to being during the Dark Age.

Dark Age (Galactic): Current area. The last 300 years of galactic history  sans Empire.

Garou: First space-faring alien race encountered by humanity. After a series of wars with humanity the Garou were defeated and assimilated into the Empire. Later, under the Second Dynasty they ascended to House-Major status.

Dynastic Eras– The galaxy has known three dynastic periods- Kaiser/Han/De Havilland.

Powered Armor– Sophisticated suits of armor that provide omni-environmental protection to ground forces, with expanded sensor suites and enhanced strength/endurance. Basic armament consists of a 37 mm Grad-Mauser auto-cannon, but can be armed with a series of weapons suites including missile/rocket launchers (direct/indirect fire), recon/stealth sensor suites and enhanced kinetic or portable energy weapons.

The Void: The space at the edge of known space. The scattered worlds on the galactic rim (the edges of the spiral arm and the outer sphere of the galaxy) do not hold any allegiances to House or Empire. Also known as the Grey Market, it is home to rebel factions, commerce raiders and the like. Attempts over the centuries to bring this area over Imperial control have failed. Economist suggest that the Void acts as an “pressure valve” for the “close galactic economy”.

World: Any planet or system with over 100 million inhabitants. Each world has a governor or some form of representation within the House-Minor/Major structure. They also sport one or more jump gates.

World-Sanctuary: Worlds reserved for non-human sentient races.

World-Imperial: Worlds controlled directly by Imperial writ. They serve a series of functions, such as libraries or military bases.


2 comments on “NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Encyclopedia Galactica

  1. Wow! This is an amazing amount of thought and world building with both this and yesterday’s timeline. I’ve got notes and binders full of research for my world, but I admit to not being this well organized!


    • I am not that organized to be honest. I have tons of notebooks stacked around the room. I keep it mostly in my head, but it can be a pain digging through them when I need a name or some other tidbit of information.


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