Space for Rent: Cleaning up the Place

Tweet of the Day: Symbolism in Writing: Shell Cottage : A Respite From the Storm


The obligatory blog clean up post of the day brought to you by Susan Sipal of (most) excellent blog Harry Potter for Writers.

After a long chat, by tweeter standards, Mrs. Sipal raised a few good points about this blog.

  1. The About Page doesn’t say much about me or the blog.
  2. Navigation is a bit hard due to the white background.
  3. I should specify if any given story is a one-shot or part of a series.

And a few other nitpicks which were very insightful and useful. So, starting tonight I’ll re-arrange a few things to make your blog reading experience more enjoyable such. Expect to see new tabs just below the picture with all the relevant links to past and ongoing serials. Of course I’m a big iffy on how much I reveal to strangers on the web, but you can’t take off from a rickety platform, now can you?

What can you expect in the future? At five regular features will remain: The Sunday Tweet, TV Tropes Monday, a weekly serial (on Wednesdays), Space for Rent (now on Fridays) and of course the Weekend Round-Up.

Comments and suggestions welcome, as always. 😉

Of to make those changes, wish me luck!



2 comments on “Space for Rent: Cleaning up the Place

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new About Me page. It’s so nice to get to know you better!!

    And I don’t think it’s presumptuous at all for you to give writing advice. You read. You write. You think. What more do you need?

    Can’t wait to read here more and understand better what you’re doing with each piece. But, actually, I didn’t say anything about the white space. I like the white. My blog started off with white letters on a dark background and I had to change it because it was just too hard to read. Black text on white background, like yours, is so much easier to read!

    You know what also might be cool? That last main paragraph of yours, where you say what’s coming each day, to take that and put in a box in your side column where readers can see it each time they visit. Very helpful!

    Susan, the nitpicky! 🙂


    • Yeah, that’s the next step. The sidebar is too crowded. I’ll see if I can fit something like that on the side. Of course, since this a free theme, I’m can only change so much. As for the background, I thought it was more of the placement of the Page tabs that was confusing, or at least easy to miss.

      Thank you for the advice. Always welcomed.


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