Sunday Tweet: SinFest, the Sisterhood and the Dance of the Straws

Tweet of the Day: The Sisterhood 7


I stumbled on this image earlier today and it intrigued me. Considering my recent posts on writing and Feminism I thought I should give this image a try.

Let me summarize.

No, too short, let me ramble on….

As a fan of SinFest (from whence I took the second image from the top) I find the comic fascinating. Tasuya Ishida is not afraid to tackle all manner of sensitive or explosive subjects.  So when this comic strip came up, it peaked my interest, to say the least.

The first thing that came to mind was, “Straw Feminist!” that is the child-like character in the tricycle wearing the shades and speeding past Nique. As the video in this post shows, straw feminists are stock characters used to mock or deride feminism in general.

The second was the clever use of a pop culture reference, i.e. The Matrix in the comic. The Matrix/Patriarchy reveals itself as the underlining code that makes up reality. Words stream down from the heavens and everything is suffused with a green tint. And that is where this gets really interesting. For while this appearance suggests a revelation it also implies the imposing of a filter.

So which one is it?

The third part that caught my was the second panel from the right, fourth row: the stick figure family.

Dad, incubator, minions….

At first brush it sounds like something a misogynist/chauvinist would say/believe.  I heard phrases such as, “If it bleeds it breeds” and “Child Bearing Hips” enough times not to dismiss this very real concern. But on the other hand, the specific language is closer to terms used not by men from a sexual dominant pose but from women dismissing others as inferiors for choosing to raise a family using such terms like, “breeder” for mothers and “parasite” for children (or at least fetuses).

Again, I ask, is this an expression of valid concerns or simply a rehashing of the “straw feminist” trope?

Since this particular story arc is not over yet, I’ll have to wait and see.



4 comments on “Sunday Tweet: SinFest, the Sisterhood and the Dance of the Straws

  1. Heh- I think it could be both. Either extreme could be true, but for me, it depends on which way I’m looking at it, which is interesting in itself. (Side note: Agh. Breeders.)


  2. He’s prepping for this [imho];
    (premiering 10-20-2011 in limited US screenings)


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