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Weekend Roundup: September 25 – October 1

Tweet of the Day: Dexter in the Middle – Dexter Morgan, Part 2


A week of ending and beginnings, but you could say that about any week of the year or for that matter any point in time. But for this blog it means  the end of one serial and the start of another. I really don’t know what how I’m going to fill the Friday slot. I thought about starting another serial called Lunar Liaisons (based on this short) or just start Wizards’ World War: Season 2.

What do you think?

  • Sun: The Sunday Tweet where once again I expand on an excellent post on character traits. This time is Loyalty.
  • Mon: Here on stage for TV Tropes Monday, put your hands together for The Five Man Band!
  • Tue: Does prophecy call upon your heroes?
  • Wen: Necessary Heroes-Issue 1
  • Thu: October comes and brings another AW Blog Chain.
  • Fri: The final battle at Mon Badonicus.

That was the blog’s week in review. See you next week!



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