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Writing about the Other

Tweet of the Day: Privilege and How it Affects Your Characters ——– “Write what you know,” or so goes the old writing advice. But we don’t know everything and besides if we only wrote about what “we know” I suspect literature would have died a unremarkable death a long time ago. Instead we write about […]

TV Tropes Monday: Rebellious Spirit

Tweet of the Day: The Colorful Paintings of Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema ——- The Rebellious Spirit, also known as the Rebel Without a Cause, the Lone Wolf, or sometimes the Rebel Without a Clue. He, and is almost always a he, works alone, or at least claims to work better alone. He and society don’t […]

Sunday Tweet: Horses and Other Animals in Fiction

Tweet of the Day: Horses in Fantasy ——- Animals, both mundane and fantastic about in fiction just as they do in real life, in spite our attempts to eradicate them or domesticate them. Yes, thank you for my ginormous check, unnamed environmental group with abundant love of all things fuzzy. Animals, and animal themes come […]

Weekend Update: September 11-17

Tweet of the Day: Eastwood, Wayne, Gosling – – Hollywood’s Lone Wolves ——- A look back to this week posts shows that: Sun: Prejudice is a trait that all characters share. Mon: Some translations are so bad they must have being written by a Blind Idiot. Tue: That the Lady In Red always catches the […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- Live by the blade….

Tweet of the Day: In Progress: Orc Romance ——- 14 – 16 ——- “Well…em..hel..hello..erm…”, fat drops of sweat froze instantly on Caliburn’s flat side as it hovered just under Valerius chin. “Yes, I am sure you’re oh so very glad to see your son-in-law. The very same you sent out to hunt barbarians. Your nephew […]

Necessary Heroes: The Soundtrack

Tweet of the Day: ——- Regulars readers of this blog know that I write to music. So it comes to surprise that created a soundtrack for Necessary Heroes, the upcoming serial. Necessary Heroes OST: Opening Credits: Hold Your Colour/Pendulum No Place for A Hero/Sea Bridge-Landward Side: Short Change Hero/The Heavy Fairfax Gardens/Lament: Be The One/Moby […]

Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 23- Back to School

Tweet of the Day: ——- Intro – 22 – 24 ——- Prince William Middle School, Prince William County, Virginia, U.S. September 14  9:34 a.m. Click, click, click went Sam’s heels on the polished hallway. I walked a few steps back, notebook in hand. I never seen Sam in business attire, with her hair done up […]

September 2011 Blog Chain: Stakeout

Tweet of the Day:  Never Stray from the Path – Little Red Riding Hood part I ——- September 2011 Blog Chain Starting Date: Thursday September 8, 2011 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words You have two choices this month: Option 1: Respond to […]

TV Tropes Monday: Blind Idiot Translation

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.15: Writing Other Cultures ——- Languages are not easy. Mastering one can take a lifetime (or more) what with all the rules of grammar, ever changing slang and jargon. So it is no surprise when you come across it can go horribly wrong. Enter the Blind Idiot Translation.: A […]

Sunday Tweet: Character Trait: Prejudiced

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Prejudiced ——- As character traits go (and I suggest you visit the link for a great list of character traits), prejudice is a very interesting character trait, in as much as every character is prejudiced/biased in some way. Why is that? Because all human beings are prejudiced/biased. You’re […]