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Necessary Heroes: Issue 1- Due to the Dead

Tweet of the Day: Dream a Little Dream – But Not in Your Fiction


Issues: IntroNo.2


She still dead you know. I don’t expect that will change anytime soon,” said a voice over my shoulder. I ignored it. My fingers traced the gold lettering on the crypt.

Mia Knowles, 2003-2024, May Death Grant You Peace Eternal

“What do you want, Rosa?”

“Don’t call me that,” she spat.

I turned, “Razor then…still haven’t answered my question.”

“Just checking in,” she said. Her boots steps echoed on the mausoleum’s marble floor, muted by the soft rain outside.

“I always liked to shower with rain water, better than the desalinated stuff that comes out of the pipes.”

“I remember,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“That was a long time ago,” I walked pass her. The rain came in undulating waves of fast streaks and fat drops. “Besides you know I like redheads.”

She leaned on the entrance frame. Her lithe body stretched like a cat in heat, “I can always dye mine.”

“Get rid of the tramp stamps and I may consider it, if I’m bored.”

Her lips curled, “Why the fuck do I bother?”

“Good question. Don’t have an answer for you, sorry.”

She flip her long dark mane, “Heard about what you did in the market the other day.”

“Did you now?”

“Sparks flew, asses got kicked, and there was a lot of screaming, or so I heard. Sounds like you when you get pissed. This ain’t a place for heroes, you know.”

“Somebody had to do something.”

“Did it have to be you?”

“Nobody else around.”

Her eyes bore on me, “Don’t be stupid Alex! They’ll find you and kill you, like they did the rest of your crew.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I ain’t going to wait for them to do that. I’m tired of running Rosa. Tired of waiting for death to claim me. Tired of living of scraps.”

“Then you shouldn’t have wasted all you money on that hole in the-” My hand flew toward her face. She blocked it with her gun, pointed straight at my face. “I ain’t some street floozy you can slap around whenever your dick goes limp. I’ll fucking put a bullet in your head if I have to. YOU HEAR ME!” I said nothing. “DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME ALEX!”

“Yeah I heard you. And if you disrespect Mia again I’ll burn you to the ground, you got me?”

She slid the gun back into the holster, “Yeah. But what exactly are you going to do, eh? You’re good in a crunch, but you suck at the big picture stuff. Are you just going to beat up every cop on the take you meet?”

“I’ll think of something.”

“Well, you better hurry. The way I heard it somebody being cleaning hose lately. Took down a few Nasties a couple of weeks back. Heard he calls himself the Stinger, or some such.”

“I’ll keep an eye out,” I slid my hood over my head and walked into the rain.

A faint whisper reached my ears, “Be careful….”


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