Sunday Tweet: Character Trait-Loyalty

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Loyal


Loyalty is a binary character trait. It is composed of the Object to whom loyalty is conferred and the Subject who confers said loyalty. The question that arises is when looking at these two parts is what inspires the connection between them. This appears in two forms: Hierarchical or Personal.

In a Hierarchical relationship the weight falls on the Subject. He is loyal because the system demands it so. A younger brother may follow his older sibling because that is what the family/clan expects of him. Soldiers obey the orders of their superiors. Vassals take vows in support of their liege. As they say in the U.S. Army, you salute the rank, not the man.  The Subject fealty is to an idea/ideal not to a person. Often the Object embodies the tenets of the shared ideal thus holding the Subject loyalty as well.

At the Personal level, the weight shifts to the Object. More often than not the Object does something to earn the loyalty of the Subject(s) such as stand by them on the battlefield, risk their life to protect the Subject or go out of his way to deal with the Subject’s concerns. The Golden Trio cemented their mutual bonds of fellowship when Harry and Ron fought the troll in the girls bathroom in order to save Hermione and in return she lied to keep them from getting detention (or worse 😉 ).

One more thing: I call upon the Law of Non-Mutual Exclusivity. By that I mean to say that these things are not mutually exclusive. A Subject and Object can regard each other to be at the same level (they see each other as the Object which loyalty is due) and a hierarchical relationship does not exclude a personal one. History is full of leaders who have cemented their bonds with their followers by engaging them at the personal level.

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Mass Effect 3- Goodbyes Part II (the link to part I, major spoilers ahead!)

The Presidium, The Citadel

Thane’s green scales reflected the vibrant white light that washed over the Presidium. He looked up at the monument shaped like a tuning fork, “I can understand why so many of my people have come to adopt the Hanar belief in the Enkindlers. That they came so close to unlocking the secrets of the mass relays is a testament to their prowess.”

“Still fell to Reapers, though. Not a fate I wish on anyone, let alone us,” said Mordin.

“True,” said Thane.

“Too big for my mantle piece, but nice,” said Kasumi from under her hood.

Thane bowed to Shepard who nodded in return.

Mordin saluted, “An honor working with you, Shepard. Will forward any findings through STGs channels.”

Kasumi cocked her head, “I don’t suppose you still have Jacob’s contact information. Oh, never mind. I’ll find him on my own. Better that way. Good luck Shepard.”

Normandy SR-2, Command Deck, Arcturus Station

Shepard exited the lift wearing his dress blues. The crew stood in attention. Whispers of ,”Good luck Commander” and “We are with you, Shepard!” Tali, Garrus and Joker waited by the airlock.

“You look…nice,” said Tali.

“Yeah, uhum, nice,”said Garrus with a chuckle.

“I still have a shotgun, you know,” said Tali.

“Easy now, you two. Garrus, you’re staying?” asked Shepard.

“I go where you go Commander. Nothing for me back at the Citadel,” said Garrus.

“And you Tali?”

She shrugged, “I’m Tali’Zora vas Normandy and you are my Captain.”

“Thanks Tali.”

“Commander, about the Normandy?” asked Joker.

“Part of the deal I made with Admiral Hackett. The Alliance gets the Normandy, at least for now,” said Shepard.

“Yeah, but what about EDI? I mean if the Alliance gets a hold of her?”

“No need to worry Jeff. The odds were against any of us surviving the assault on the Collector base. If I’m to be deactivated, at least I spent the last moments of my…existence with you all,” said a voice behind Joker.

Shepard peeked over Joker shoulder to the glowing AI interface, “You’re a part of this crew EDI.”

“Thank you Shepard.”

Armed Alliance marines waited on the other side of the airlock. They saluted, “This way Commander Shepard.”

Joker sat down on his station, “I guess the Council gets their bone back.”

“My analysis of the current political situation in the Alliance parliament suggests a high probability that Commander Shepard will not face prolonged incarceration,” said EDI.

“Yeah, well what about the Reapers? Without him we are back at square one!”

“Alliance technical staff is requesting to board the Normandy, Jeff.”

Joker waved his hand, “Yeah, yeah, permission granted.”

The airlock cycled open. A woman with flowing black hair turned left and stood behind Joker.

“As copies go, this is a good one,” said the newcomer.

Joker swung the command chair around, “Ash!”

“That’s Second Lieutenant Ashley Williams to you Mr. Moreau.”

“And newest member of Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance,” added EDI.

“Is that an AI?” asked Ash.

“Yeah,” said Joker in a monotone.

“Might come in handy.”


5 comments on “Sunday Tweet: Character Trait-Loyalty

  1. That has to be THE cutest picture EVER. And a dog is the purest form of loyalty. 🙂 Glad our post inspired this post! Thanks for expanding on the subject of Loyalty. This trait is one of the more fascinating ones in my mind, because it can cause a person to deviate from their own moral code if necessary…something only the strongest emotion can bring about. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


  2. I can’t wait for Mass Effect 3, I simply can’t. When’s March?! Can I sleep till March?!
    This is lovely R, thanks for sharing. For interest – I’ve been reading a piece of fan fiction from a woman on fanfiction.net. It’s amazing, here’s the link:



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