Weekend Update: September 18-24 with 50% more fanfic!

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This was the week of ending and near endings. Wizards’ World War Season 1 drew to a close. It felt a bit rushed, I know, and I’ll have to revised in the near future, but my gut told me that it was time to end it. But expect more stories in the weeks to come starting with another Mass Effect fanfic below!

But before we do that, lets look at this week in posts:

I kick off a new serial next week: Necessary Heroes. I hope you have a great weekend!


Mass Effect 3: Goodbyes  Part I (SPOILERS FROM MASS EFFECT 2 and 3, PART II HERE)

Omega Main Docking Port

“I don’t get you Sheppard, you got the best ship in the galaxy and you’re going to turn yourself in for doing the right thing? Crazy!” Jack shook her head. Omega’s dim red lights turned her tattoos into a dark mass of swirling shadows.

Shepard ran a hand over his buzz cut, “I gotta do this.”

“Giving the finger to the Illusive Man by blowing up the Collector’s base or slamming an asteroid against a Mass Relay, that’s something you gotta do. Turning yourself over to a Alliance kangaroo court–” Jack looked into Shepard’s eyes. He saw the pain of a thousand cuts and a longing for something better. “Just take care of yourself, okay?”

“You know me Jack. I’m always careful,” said Shepard.

Jack gave him a quick hug and walked off.

“I’m glad that’s over with,” said Grunt. “Are all human female’s that fragile?”

Shepard left eyebrow peaked, “Fragile? You seen what she can do.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t mean it like that…doesn’t matter.” He pounded his fist into his hand, “Gotta catch the next transport to Tuchanka. The Reapers are coming and am going to make sure that Clan Urdnot is ready.”

“Wrex knows what to do,” said Shepard with a slap at Grunt’s shoulder.

“Yeah, and so do I. Hunt well Shepard,” he turned around to leave then stopped. “Jack is right you know. You did the right thing. Come with me and lets rally the Krogan. You would have a unstoppable army by your side.”

“As formidable as the Krogan are Grunt, it will take a lot more than your people to stop the Reapers. Just be ready when I call,” said Shepard.

“You’re my battlemaster. I’ll be ready and waiting.”

Shepard nodded and walked back to the Normandy.

Joker spoke up as soon as Shepard came through the airlock, “I’m going to miss Grunt. Jack, not so much.”

Shepard stood behind Joker’s seat, “What are those?”

A blue holographic sphere popped up, “Those are miniature recreations of extinct Earth mega-fauna of the Jurassic and Cretaceous geological periods.”

“Since when did you start playing with dinosaur toys, Joker?”

Joker pointed at the neat row of plastic figures on the shelf to his left, “Me, no, oh no, those are Grunt’s. He made me promise to keep an eye on them while he is gone or he would headbutt me to death. Not like I could say no to that. I mean not everybody has cybernetic enhanced spines like some people I know.”


“Next stop, Illum. Wait one, I have an incoming ship. Silhouette marks it as Geth.” They are coming in to dock with us.”

Legion stepped up to airlock with Tali by its side.

Tali handed Legion an OSD, “I recorded this when we, I mean the Commander and I fought some of the ‘heretics’.”

Legion scanned the OSD, “Symphony of Andrala, 8th movement.”

“Yes, well, it seemed important to the Geth and now that they have been re-writen, well….”

“Thank you Creator Tali’Zorah.”

“Be well Legion. I hope….”

“So do we, Creator Tali’Zorah,” Legion exited through the airlock.

“I’ll be in engineering if anyone needs me,” said Tali as she left.

“Yeah, that wasn’t weird or anything,” quipped Joker.

Joker and EDI replied in unison, “Joker!” and “Jeff!”

“Oh alright!”

Illium Main Trading Floor

Three people stood on the balcony overlooking the vast Illium cityscape, two humans and one Asari.

The Asari embraced Shepard, “Commander, thank you for helping me. You lifted a great burned of my shoulders.”

“I keep my promises Samara,” said Shepard.

“And now I fulfilled oath to you, but I pledge myself again, this time to do whatever it takes to stop the Reapers. I will go back to Thessia and gather my sisters. If we do not see each other again Shepard, know that to me you are a true friend. I will do all I can to aid you, that I promise.”

“I expected no less.”

“Goodbye Shepard. May the Goddess watch over you,” said Samara. The crowd parted as she left.

“That’s my cue to leave as well,” said the raven haired woman. “Cerberus will be going after my sister now that I quit but if I find anything that will help you Shepard, I’ll forward it to EDI.”

“What about you Jacob, the Alliance could use all the well trained operatives it can find,” said Shepard.

“Nah, I’ve been with Cerberus too long. You might skate by with a slap on the wrist but I doubt I would be so lucky,” he pointed at Miranda, “besides Ms. Lawson needs all the help that she can get. We all know she is far from perfect.” Miranda punched Jacob in the shoulder, “Hey!”

Miranda whispered into Shepard’s ear, “Liara is one lucky woman. Take care Shepard,” and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Will do what we can to keep Cerberus off your trail.”


2 comments on “Weekend Update: September 18-24 with 50% more fanfic!

  1. 😉 Interesting… Though your Shepard’s male, lol.
    Nicely written and thank you for sharing.
    On to part 2…


    • After I finished ME2 for the umpteenth time I thought about bridging the gap between the second and third game, especially when so many crew members will simply vanish or be demoted to extras in the third game.

      And yes, My Shepard is always male. Blame it on my limited RPG range. 😉

      Glad you liked it Alyssa. Be well.


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