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Love Triangles: Love vs. Lust

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Today I write another post about a pet peeve of mine: love triangles.

Yes, this is not the first time I write about the subject, but last time I flayed around the central problem. It is not about Love vs. Romance but Love vs. Lust. And they are not the same thing. Lust, in the form of strong physical attraction could lead to love, but if that emotion resides somewhere else then it won’t.

The problem being that for a love triangle to work, both emotions are treated the same. Only teenagers, who are going through hormonal surges and lack the experience to tell one from the other should have this problem.  In real life, such situations lead to break ups and divorces not steady relationships. And in some cases were people can’t tell the difference it leads to a lifetime of emotional baggage and unfulfilled expectations.

That’s not to say that lust is not a good story element. Erotica thrives on it after all. But aside from that, it doesn’t work, unless the writer wants to show what really happens when they get kidnapped by their loins and hurled against common sense and decency. I suspect those stories would not as “romantic” as one would expect.


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