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TV Tropes Monday: Rebellious Spirit

Tweet of the Day: The Colorful Paintings of Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema


The Rebellious Spirit, also known as the Rebel Without a Cause, the Lone Wolf, or sometimes the Rebel Without a Clue. He, and is almost always a he, works alone, or at least claims to work better alone. He and society don’t mix. He doesn’t like your rules, man! He has his own moral code, although it tends to be iffy on the moral part. He may have been a team player once and failed at it or life got in the way and he took it personally. Or it maybe that he knows that dirty deeds are both necessary and never cheap. Could be that he doesn’t fit anywhere due to lack of social graces. Or simply enjoys the freedom of doing whatever the hell he wants.

He represents Chaos over Order with Good and Evil being either a prime motivator or a a distant second thought.

The stuff of teenage bad boys and father’s nightmares. The epitome of freedom which is very appealing to the young and the young at heart. The Lust leg of the Love Triangle.

And what makes him so attractive?

Simply put, he breaks all the rules. He doesn’t stand in line behind the little old lady at the cash machine, he thinks the shoulder is another lane of the highway and he will spit and/or slap a bitch if he has to (or merely wants to). He does what we always wanted to do. But he can also come off as a whiny irresponsible prat when a grown up is needed. So many characters infused with the rebellious spirit either die young or grow up. Not that they stop being rebellious but in order to survive learn to work with others or even lead others.

Or everybody realized what a selfish jerk he really is and walks away (or he moves on).

But nobody shakes the scenery like the Rebellious Spirit.


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