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Necessary Heroes: The Soundtrack

Tweet of the Day:


Regulars readers of this blog know that I write to music. So it comes to surprise that created a soundtrack for Necessary Heroes, the upcoming serial.

Necessary Heroes OST:

  1. Opening Credits: Hold Your Colour/Pendulum
  2. No Place for A Hero/Sea Bridge-Landward Side: Short Change Hero/The Heavy
  3. Fairfax Gardens/Lament: Be The One/Moby
  4. Der Spinner Reprise: Get Some/Lykke Li
  5. The Hunt Begins/Hunter’s Theme: Extreme Ways/Moby
  6. Star City Market Street Musicians: All Along the Watchtower/BSG-Bear McCreary Version
  7. Doing What Needs to be Done: Blow Me Away/Breaking Benjamin
  8. A Patriot’s Refrain: What I Done/Linkin Park
  9. Star City Skyline: Weapons of Mass Destruction/Faithless
  10. Nighttime in the City: Planetary (GO!)/My Chemical Romance

That’s it for now. I’ll post more links as the story develops.



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