Necessary Heroes

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Issue No.1


This is a preview of my new serial which I’ll put on the Wednesday slot after the the end of Wizards’ World War current run.  Yes, WWW is reaching its season finale and like an incipient TV exec, I can’t help but entice you with a preview of what is too come.



It is the year 2025. After an alien invasion in the first decade of the century decimated the ranks of Earth’s superhero community, it was the so called villains who fought back. In 2005 they drove the V’sori from the planet. The world that emerged was ruled not by altruism but by “enlightened self-interest”.

Greed by any other name….


Star City Farmer’s Market, August 15, 2025

People went about their business: shopping, talking, enjoying a another day in Star City Farmer’s Market.

Then I heard gnarled orders and the static hum of a stun baton….

A woman’s scream….

Not again, not on my watch….

It was not always like this. Well, the armed thugs and me having powers was. Different names, same bullshit. I don’t remember much before the invasion, I was a kid. But my parents were smart enough to keep me out of sight after I turned eight. Sapping the cat from across the living room was not a good sign back then.

Nothing has changed since.

After the aliens went down, the old bosses in new guises came back up and people like me has to stay out of the way. Too bad the so called villains destroyed half of the city and took my parents with them.

I ran with a rough crowd then, ducking through alleys, doing odd jobs, stealing for a living. We lived in whatever nook or cranny the city provided. Zeke, Jenna, Marcus and the rest. In time a new city rose around us. The new spires glittered in the morning sun, while the alleys got darker still.

But it didn’t last for long Men of power are bullies and bullies are always afraid, afraid that one day someone will kick them out of their cushy thrones.

So the hunt began….

We hid….

We ran….

We failed….

We died….

At least some of us did. I didn’t, or course. But I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Fight or Flee.

Stand up or Run Away.

I learned that day that being a hero was not about capes, or powers, or titles.

It was about Doing What Needs to Be Done.

Because nobody else will do it for you.

I heard the screams, I felt the charge of the batons, I pulled up my hood and mask.

I charged the bastards.

Time to do what needs to be done.



4 comments on “Necessary Heroes

  1. I like it! I quite enjoy superhero stories, and this seems like a nice twist on the traditional. Looking forward to reading the rest of the serial. 🙂


  2. I like it! Looking forward to it!


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