TV Tropes Monday: Heroes Want Red Heads

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Heroes Want Redheads, that much is true.

Mary Jane to Peter Parker.

Jean Grey to Scott Summers (with a bit of Logan thrown in for good measure)

Ginny to Harry.

Ron to Hermione.

Leliana to the Warden

<Insert Wife # > to Gibbs

<Insert Relevant NPC> to FemShep.

Need I say more?

As the TV Tropes page (link above) demonstrates, not only is this a very popular pairing, it is so in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that natural redheads are rare. And in some places despised (I’m looking at you England!). The color red is identified with passion, action, determination and all consuming energy. The blonde maybe pretty, the brunette bookish/submissive but not the redhead. In fact, the redhead in the pairing tends to be as active, if not downright heroic, as his/her mate, if not more so.  J.K. Rowling fascination with gingers did not extend as far as her protagonist (he of the messy dark hair) but she has said Ginny was the only one who could stand toe-to-toe with Harry (not physically, as he is “a head taller” but don’t tell Daniel Radcliffe that) .

A champion needs an exotic mate, and that is why many red haired love interest also have green eyes as well. Green enhances the allure that a colder blue or warmer brown would not give the redhead in question.  As visual/descriptive shorthands go, red hair is as good as any, but prone to fall into the stereotype bin at the turn of the page. Of course, your red haired character need not lose the auburn tresses just so that it can display a different personality.

Just saying….. 😉


No red heads here, but a cool short film none the less:

2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Heroes Want Red Heads

  1. And, Red Heads are only about 10% of the population. 😉 Just saying.
    Thanks or the mention!


    • Oh, it’s mention in the original TV Tropes page (link on the post). I didn’t want to simply repeat what was on the page. But yes, Red Heads are rare indeed. 😉


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