Weekend Roundup: August 21-27


Tweet of the Day: If The Sloth Fits


A week long on frustration and short on post. As you know, Irene swept through the Caribbean earlier this week and now it is barreling down on the American East Coast. For us in my neck of the woods it meant some wind, but over 24hrs without power and four days of constant rain. Which is very weird since storms tend to soak up all the rain behind them. But Irene is not a normal storm. I mean when was the last time that New York City was evacuated because of a hurricane?

Well, to all my peeps in the East Coast a few things:

  • Board up everything. Do not underestimate the power of flying debris.
  • Storms take hours to pass. Boredom is your biggest enemy.
  • Don’t forget your pets.
  • Candles, flashlights and board games are your biggest friends.
  • Do not go out until the all clear is given.
  • Expect power and water services to be out for days, not hours, but days.
  • That neighbor you never talked to? He is your best friend in the world. He needs you just as much as you need him.

Well, that’s all for Irene, now back to our regularly scheduled post:

Stay calm, stay safe.


3 comments on “Weekend Roundup: August 21-27

  1. It’s just like gearing up for a blizzard/ice storm. Except with lots of rain instead of snow and ice.


  2. Yes, no shoveling! Always the worst part of snow storms.


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