August Writing Challenge: Doorways-Vaults and Gardens

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The house was old, tucked away in a forgotten corner of Edinburgh’s winding medieval streets. Theo inspected the premises with care. As the last of the Welby’s , or at least the last to carry the name, the house belong to him. In the cellar, tucked away behind a oak bookcase he found a door. Curiosity gripped him. He grabbed a torch and crossed the threshold.

Must be a passage into the Vaults. Could make some money funneling tourist through here. Or maybe I’ll find some treassure of some sort.

Alone with his musings, Theo pressed on, deeper into the labyrinth beneath Edinburgh. His eyes grew heavy, then a he spotted a light.

” Ello, anyone there?” He heard the chirping of birds in the distance. The smell of fresh grass displaced the heavy musk of the tunnel. He came out into a meadow full of blue bells in bloom. What looked like horses grazed at the edge of it, while a man on horseback approached. Except the man was not really a man, nor was a he a horse, but something in between.

The Man-Beast bowed to Theo, “Good morning, Sir. How may I help you?”

“Are you…are you a…”

“I believe the word you are looking for is centaur,” said the gentle creature in a voice befitting a well trained butler.

“Yes, and those are,” Theo pointed at the horses, who had something growing out of their foreheads.

“Unicorns, Sir.”


“A bit overwhelming, isn’t it, Sir? Care to lie down?”

Theo yawned, “As a matter of fact, I think I will.”

“Go ahead, I’ll make sure nobody bothers you.”

“Thank you….”

Hours latter an emergency crew wearing Hazmat suits pulled the body of one Theodore Mathew Welby, age 22 from an underground passage. His girlfriend had reported him missing three days ago. A search of the house found the secret door, and after high levels of noxious gasses were detected, specialized emergency crews explored the passage and discovered the body.

Friends of the dead will hold a funeral on Sunday of this week.



7 comments on “August Writing Challenge: Doorways-Vaults and Gardens

  1. Awww! Poor Theo.

    The image of the castle girls was so funny!


  2. Sometimes it’s more fun to have the not-happy ending. Like here. 😀 And note to self: don’t go sniffing around old vaults.


  3. I like it. You pack a lot into a small space. I was thinking Cast of Amontillado, and then bluebells, centaurs, and unicorns. Bam! the grittiness of hazmat suits and poison gas. The juxtaposition was very jarring and effective. Nice work.


    • Thanks. I just go where the story takes me. Unfortunately for Theo, it led him to his end. More so that the most interesting day of his life was also his last.

      Oh and welcome to my blog Tim. Enjoy the show. 😉


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