August 2011 AW Blog Chain: The Continuing Story of a Song

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled post (Wizards’ World War) for a special edition of the August AW Blog Chain: The Continuing Story of a Song. But not to worry, dear and loyal readers, WWW will come back next week with more action, more drama and political intrigue.

And now for the rules:

Step 1: Choose a song. It can be any song, vocal or instrumental, but you have to know what it’s called and who did it. If you really want to spin the roulette wheel, use the random function in your music player. Bonus points for finding and linking a YouTube video or other (legal) source. The song should be one you like and doesn’t have to be related to anybody else’s pick.

Step 2: Continue the story. Read the post before yours and continue the story in any direction you see fit. Your continuation must be based on, inspired by, or in some other way influenced by your song choice. Be prepared to explain it in the comments section!

Simply post in this thread to join. Each post should be less than 500 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you!

Those are the rules. And now for the story:


People died and looked forward to mysterious encounters in the dark, but Jessica didn’t care about that. She bobbed her head to the rhythm of the happy music of the resort’s disco. Middle age couples did their awkward best to shake their grooves, but she didn’t care about that either.  Jessica nursed her second, no third, cosmopolitan while searching for a place to land.

Three years!

The bitter taste of bile came up her throat.

I gave him three good years!

Jessica played the dutiful wife for three years, four months and eleven days. She smiled, she posed, she endured all the venomous whispers of her co-workers for snatching the last eligible bachelor of Barkley & Sands top executive ranks. Until she discovered the text messages, the emails and the naked pictures in his smart phone.

Not one, oh no, Mark didn’t do things half way! Three worthless bitches!

Lost in a roaring sea of spite and vodka , her brain forgot to coordinate the next step. The drink sailed over her head as she toppled forward. She stopped a few inches from the ground, held by powerful arms. In the adrenaline haze she noticed a pair of soft grey eyes.

“Are you alright?” said the stranger.

Jessica giggled like a schoolgirl, “I am now.”


Well I hope that a) you like it (I’m not good at this romance stuff, but it was what popped in my mind) and b) that it fits the story.

By all means check out the rest of the participants up and down the chain:

Participants and posts:
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AbielleRose – http://stainedglassinthenight.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
Ralph Pines – https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ (That’s ME!)
hillaryjacques – http://hillaryjacques.blogspot.com/ (link to this month’s post)
pezie – http://www.erinbrambilla.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
Darkshore – http://dustinbishop.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
pyrosama – http://matrix-hole.blogspot.com/ (link to this month’s post)
jkellerford – http://jennykellerford.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
Diana_Rajchel – http://blog.dianarajchel.com/ (link to this month’s post)
Inkstrokes – http://drlong67.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
dolores haze – http://dianedooley.wordpress.com/ (link to this month’s post)
Alpha Echo – http://writersramblings81.blogspot.com/ (link to this month’s post)

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