Sunday Tweet: Fan Fiction – Marketing Genius or Child Molestation?

Tweet of the Day: Fan Fiction- Marketing Genius or Child Molestation?

I’ve talked about fan fiction before and I agree with the Sunday Tweets blogger. If the choice is between trying to stamp out all fan fiction based on my works (impossible, if it ever gets that far), or embracing it (with a few Words of God thrown in for good measure) then I take the second option.

As J.K. Rowling and others have pointed out, it is a great way to sustain and expand an author’s fan base, who are the folks that buy the books in the first place.  Mind you, J.K. originally approached the world of fan fiction “gingerly” (as most of her characters are wont to do from time to time) but then embraced it if only for its commercial applications.

Plus the idea that “our books are our children” (as quoted in the blog post) is nonsense. Yes, I know, my books are very dear to me, but sitting inside my computer, floating around my head or laying on a desk they are incomplete. Without an audience to read them, interpret them and extrapolate from them, they are nothing more than dead trees and wasted electrons.

Book + Reader = Art.



6 comments on “Sunday Tweet: Fan Fiction – Marketing Genius or Child Molestation?

  1. I think once I were published, I’d be okay with fanfic work. I’ve written one or two pieces myself (for fun and not based on books), and sometimes people can come up with some interesting things.

    I do have at least one specific thing I would not want written – ever. Maybe I should blog about that in the future…


    • Mine big peeve is the so called slashfics where they pair characters by changing their sexual orientation. Seeing as sexual identity is a key part of any character (whatever that identity may be), changing it seems like a violation of that character. That’s my pet peeve.


  2. I can see why having people write fan fiction based on one’s work would be thrilling, I can also understand why it makes other author’s nervous. I might be wrong about this, but wasn’t there a fan who tried to sue an author? Saying that the author “stole” the plot of one of their fan fictions they’d posted online?

    Now we know ideas can’t truly be stolen, but I can see why authors wouldn’t want to worry about getting into these situations.


  3. Definitely not child molestation >< that's a bit…I love fanfiction and the way people come up with ideas to recreate characters into their own plot stories.

    A nice list you have here though! I totally agree with most of your points, it really annoys me! By the way, I wrote a post about my own fiction pet peeves on my blog so I hope you will read and comment with your own opinion telling me what you think! http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/fiction-pet-peeves/


    • Glad you liked it. Yes the first statement is clearly an exaggeration and one I don’t agree with. Glad you liked the post and welcome to my blog. Feel free to look around, I have plenty of fiction all over the place. (Including fan fics 😉 )


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