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Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 19- The Sea Turned Black

Tweet of the Day:  August Writing Challenge – Doorways




The first bowl on the earth
The second bowl on the sea
The third bowl on the rivers
The fourth bowl on the sun
The fifth bowl on the Beast
The sixth bowl on the stars
The seventh bowl on the air
And the earth turned grey
Sea turned black
The rivers turned red
The sun turned cold
The Beast turned pale
The stars turned fast
The air turned to poison

Enigma – The Voice And The Snake


Aboard HMS Daring,  37 kilometers from the coast of Anglesey, Irish Sea 25 August, 15:58 hrs local

Sea spray showers the deck of the destroyer as it plows through the rough sea. The reporter holds onto the hood of his parka in a vain attempt to keep the water at bay. His cameraman does his best to keep the focus on him.

“This is Jim Reynolds for the BBC. As you can see we are experiencing rough seas today. This is the third day of the quarantine established by the Royal Navy of the coast of Wales in response to the continued fighting. So far Home Guard units have either failed to quell the riots or like their local counterparts have joined in with the forces of the so called “Prince of Wales.” The situation has slit the fragile coalition in Westminster, pitting pro-negotiation Liberal Democrats and Greens against hawkish Conservatives and Labour backbenchers with the rest of Labour joining their Northern Ireland and Scots counterparts in a wait and see attitude”

Daring bow rode the bottom of the wave and sliced through the next one. Reynolds slipped and nearly went overboard. Only the timely intervention of a senior sailor saved him from taking a long dive into the restless seas. He jammed his foot on the base of a gun mount. He pointed over at another ship, HMS Diamond, that sailed along side Daring, “We encountered a handful of boats trying to cross to Ireland or threading the coast north or south, but not the expected flood of refugees feared earlier. Nor has anyone come out to challenge the navy patrols, although helicopters flying from the decks of the destroyers have orders not to fly overland to avoid any provocation.”

“MY GOD!”, shouted a sailor manning a general purpose machine gun.

The camera whipped past Reynolds face. The sea erupted in front of  Diamond. A gigantic serpent lunged at the warship. It coiled around the ship from bow to stern. Daring fired all of its guns at it.  Fountains of blood erupted from shattered scales as the deck gun peppered the beast. As quickly as it appeared it slid beneath the wave, but not before its bulk shattered Diamond into three pieces. Desperate men jumped ship, but most remained trapped in the sinking sections. Forty-five seconds later no trace of HMS Diamond remained.



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