Sunday Tweet: Shy Writer

Tweet of the Day: Shy Writer


We creative types think we cane create across the board, from music to writing and everything in between. I for one can’t sing worth a damn (and my voice is considered a capital offense in some countries and capital punishment in others, can’t tell which is which). Same with drawing or poetry. And it seems that I’m not alone, as the tweet of the days shows.

Not to mention that every writer has a few stories in their closet, so to speak. Attempts that failed or were never good to begin with.

Embarassing isn’t it?


4 comments on “Sunday Tweet: Shy Writer

  1. There is some music in me, but the only true gift I have is for English composition. The skeleton in my closet is poetry. I do like reading it, but my attempts to recreate it have been nothing but miserable failures.



  2. I can’t sing to save my life, or write poetry for that matter. And my short stories are, at the moment, more skeletons than anything I’m very proud of.


  3. I got the music in me, but I’ve been banned from singing in my house unless the music I’m singing to is turned up so loud that it drowns me out. πŸ™‚


    • @Tim, @Beth @Carol

      I guess I’m not alone then. I would say come sing with me, but I don’t fancy getting arrested by the “we have taste you know!” police. πŸ˜€


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