We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post….(SPOILERS)

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Yes, I saw it. (SPOILERS)

The last movie. (SPOILERS)

As if the big spoiler warning didn’t tip you off. (SPOILERS)

Just in case: SPOILERS!!!OMGPONIES!!111!!!!

Now that we got that out of the way…..

Verdict: It was good.

Not exceptional mind you, I think that is still reserved for DH7 (or DH1.0). Why? Expectations, mostly. Way too many for the movie to hold. In fact, the movie was at its absolute best when it ignore the expectations and went its own way. Most of these moments coincided with Rupert’s greatest moments as well. For too long Knowles (the script doc behind the movies) ignored the character (and the actor) in favor of Hermione (and Emma), even giving her lines that in the books belonged to Ron. But we knew since movie one that he had great comedic shops and was good enough to carry his own weight while Emma did her best impression of a statue.

Then there is this:

Did he just take a level in badass?


I see many, many Ron is a Death Eater fan fics in the internet’s collective future.  Loads of them.

And Alan Rickman?

Kudos, Sir.

Few actors could pull 9 years of loathing for a child and then generate so much pathos for the same character in a few brief scenes.


And the whole Hermione/Ron romance bit? Well done, well done indeed. I was surprised by the kiss. It just seems so, well Ron/Hermione. And they got their moment without Harry mucking it (language NSFW). Not that it wasn’t funny in the book, but somehow this worked just as well. Even the ghost scene and how they used Luna (with a bit thrown in at the shippers for good measure) was good.

And Neville did not disappoint. No sir, not at all. Neville channeled his best Aragorn and did it with style.

The not so good?

I thought it was going to be the jump to the void bit, but it actually worked out. The duel in the book was good, but anti-climatic, here we got to see a proper duel between the two, but they relied to much on beam-o-war for my taste. Worked fine in movie 4, but it was a bit overdone.

The real bad part for me? The dream sequence. Too short. No switch between mentor/student. No Dumbledore humbled.

A missed opportunity that soured the ending for me.

But overall, it was good.

And that is good enough for me! 😉



6 comments on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post….(SPOILERS)

  1. You make it sound pretty exciting! I was kind of flagging because I was never a huge HP fan *ducking as the stones come hurtling towards me* I planned to see the last movie but wasn’t in a rush…now I want to see it this weekend!


  2. The video made me sob like an idiot. Wow.


    • I didn’t cry, but watching Rupert cry like a baby (and comforted by Emma) made me go, “D’awwww! His going miss his friends.”

      Heartwarming, isn’t it?


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing it. And as far as I’ve ever been concerned, Snape was the true hero of the books. (and the best written)

    Looking forward to Luna, too. She was a lot of fun in the books.


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