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TV Tropes Monday: Humongous Mecha


Tweet of the Day: The Final Countdown


A staple of of Anime (those cartoons made in the Land of the Rising Sun with the giant expressive eyes) is the Humongous Mecha trope. Starting in the late 1960s it steadily took over the landscape and a decade later it had migrated to the States.

You saw Transformers, right?

Giant robots, check.

Moving on.

This trope runs exclusively on the Rule of Cool. Because Giant Curb Stomping Robots with laser swords are cool.

For the record.

They come in two varieties:

  1. Giant Samurai Robots that battle evil giant whatevers, tend to be unique and trample the nearest metropolis every week.
  2. Real Robot Genre which deals with robots that serve as stand-ins for military hardware like tanks, subs or fighter planes.

The first is highly heroic and idealistic, the second gritty and bloody. Of course, like many a trope, writers can mix and match grittiness with idealism.

So, you’re wandering how you, the intrepid writer can use this trope.

It’s a frigging giant robot.

Juts put a video and energy drink addicted teenager behind the controls and let it rip.

In fact, I wonder why there not a lot YA involving giant robots. I mean, Kid Heroes and Giant Robots go together like PB&J.

I hate peanut butter and jelly. Still….

Got at it with gusto. Make sure to throw in a cool theme song while your add it.


And now for something completely unrelated:

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