Weekend Roundup: June 12th – 18th With Potter News!

Tweet of the Day: How To Write Engaging Dialogue


I’m sure you heard about Pottermore by now. Who hasn’t? There even a countdown clock and everything.

Just one itty bitty detail.

No one knows what Pottermore is, except for Rowling.

And there is the last movie (see trailer below) so this will be the year of Potter.


So what did happen this week on Neither Here nor There….

Lots of shorts and next month promises even more:

  • Sun: The Sunday Tweet taught us how to Set the Scene through dialogue. A nifty exercise if I do say so myself.
  • Mon: TV Tropes presented the ever useful Evil Overlord. Make sure you check that list before wrapping that cape around your shoulders.
  • Tue: A post about Fantasy: The Fay. I touched on the history of fairies and why we are still writing about them today.
  • Wend: Wizard’s World War heats up in Escalation. The stakes get higher every single day.
  • Thur: More WWW, this time a lover’s quarrel interrupted by the realities of war in Sitting by the Side of the Bay. Doubled as my entry into the June Flash Fiction Challenge.
  • Fri: Severus the Rogue is On Trial. Legal drama with an unexpected outcome!

So that’s it for this week, but wait there is more….


I haven’t done one of these in awhile, the last one was a bit ad-hoc so I’ll try again.

This is my Songwriter’s Story Challenge:

  • Pick a song you like.
  • Write a story based on, about or inspired by the song/lyrics. A link to the song itself (lyrics or youtube video) would help.
  • Post it on your blog
  • Limit: 1,000 words or less.
  • Include a link back to this post.
  • And leave your blog/post link on the comments so that I may add it to the list.

The Challenge starts right now and will run through  July. Ends on July 31st.

That is all! 😀


2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: June 12th – 18th With Potter News!

  1. Thanks for mentioning my tweet as your tweet of the day.


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