Severus the Rogue: Mucking About

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I scrambled to my feet. The fat dark  rats stood on their hind legs like spectators in a coliseum. The goblin bared its broken, yellow teeth and charged. I dodged to the right, but the spearhead nicked my side. I trapped the shafted under the arm and kicked the little green skin on the face. It whimpered, thick red blood trickling down from its piggish nostrils.

“Sorry, it’s between you and me, and I chose me,” I said. The spear sank on the goblins throat spilling more blood on the muddy floor. A pang of guilt welled on my stomach.

Poor little goblin. 

But the pain from my wound dispelled the moment of empathy for the small beast. “I shall mourn you later, if there is a later.” I scrambled, spear in hand, from one shadowy corner to the next. The goblins ran past me, too intent on getting to their destination to worry about me. A good guess would be the city’s main gate. I followed their muddy foot prints until I reached a dark hole in the dungeon’s outer wall. The stench of  human excrement waffed out of the it . I gagged and for a split second thought about going somewhere else. But the sewer let to the river and to freedom.

I dove in, on hands and knees, puking whatever was left of my last meal along the way. The idea of ending face down in the muck kept my head above the stream, but only by a mere inches. I felt things, I could have smelled things but could see nothing. Then I saw a faint light in the distance. I crawled as fast as my raw elbows and knees allowed. The pipe broke and I ended up ass first in the water. I swam away from the filth with all my might. I reached the opposite bank clean but drench.

I slipped in the wet grass, barely awake. One, two, three slippery steps up the bank. A pair of familiar sandals waited for me at the crest.

“Always crawling through shit, brother,” said Anthony Josephus, my elder, brawnier and somewhat beloved brother.

“Oh joy!”



4 comments on “Severus the Rogue: Mucking About

  1. Great imagery! Now, are you ultimately going to make this a full-length novel, or just keep going with a serial here on the blog?


    • This one will stay a serial, for now. Too unfocused to be a real novel, I feel more creative liberty that way. Besides I have three novels on my plate in different stages revision, editing and querying, I don’t want o add another, but thank you! 😀


  2. I like the imagery and dialogue in these. Good work.


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