Short Story Friday: Severus the Rogue

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On following chapters: each new installment will have a link to the chapter before it and the one after. It saves me a lot of work not having to link each installment together.



Sorry for the the delay. A lot on my mind lately. Hope you like it!


I sat in the corner of the dank and dark cell. Alone, except for the fat rats that came up from the sewers. They snatched whatever was left on my dinner plate and ate, without a worry in the world. Father told me I would end up in place like this one day. Too bad it was my last day.

Ah, Justine Honoria, for whom her father would kill to keep her honor. Mind you someone else had slipped with it before I came along, but this world is, was and forever will be bereft of Justice.  A man was supposed to boast of his conquest. My brother mastered the art of boasting a long time ago. Not that his numbers matched his accomplishments but a weakness in arithmetic never stopped him. I did neither and I ended up here.

Would sweet Justine mourn over my beheaded corpse?

Did it matter?

The cell door swung open. The guard sneered. His chest exploded.

Chest were not suppose to explode. Unless someone  thrusted as spear through the back. The body slumped to the ground with a dull thump. Behind it stood, spear in hand, a goblin, green of skin, with yellow eyes and a wicked toothy grin.

“Oh joy!” I said.




4 comments on “Short Story Friday: Severus the Rogue

  1. Very cool! I liked the humor about his brother and math.


  2. This was really good, and I especially liked the way it began. Great opening paragraph. 🙂


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