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Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 9- Fire and Brimstone

Tweet of the Day: Has Your Protagonist Changed His Ways?


Intro– Dispatch 810


Church of Christ the Redeemer, Little Rock, Arkansas, July 24th, 10:06 a.m.

The gospel singer belted out the last stanza of the hymn to the thundering rhythm of the rock band. Applause rocked the walls of the building then silence fell on the congregation. The sat in the dark, all eyes on the stage. Richard B. Mayweather strode to the stage, hid brow creased with thick droplets of sweat.  He didn’t wipe the away, not yet. They glistened under the harsh stage lights for all to see. And he knew how many eyes watched him. Five thousand here and over a million and a half through their television at home.

The time had come.

With hooded eyelids and hands outstretched he whispered into his headset, “These are troubled times. These are difficult times.”

The crowd whispered back, “Yes” and “Yeah.”

He shook his head, “The signs are clear. We all seen them. The agents of the Enemy walk among us. He has made himself manifest.” Mayweather paced the oval stage clutching his bible to his chest. “We saw the signs but they would not listen. They laughed when we warned them, as the good book warned us, about witchcraft and witches. Instead…” his voice trembled with each word,”instead the Enemy took over the airwaves and the books. Praising magic and witchcraft, turning them into games to entice our children. And we hear of Wars and Rumors of Wars.”

The intonations of the congregation grew louder, a few popped up from their chairs.

“But we seen them before. They served Pharaoh and stood against God and his faithful servant Moses. The carried the whispers of the Serpent at the Garden. They allied themselves with the False Prophet of Arabia and the Whore of Hollywood. They walk among us, brothers and sisters, THEY WALK AMONG US!”


“They spread their LIES!” Maywhether shouted to the heavens.


He stood rooted at the very edge of the stage, all eyes on him,”They White Rider has conquered the unbelievers and the doubters. The Red Horse burns through our Land followed by Pestilence and Death.” He felt the excitement of the audience, the fever-pitch of fear and rapturous hope. “But we were not decieved, oh NO!”

“No, No, No….” chanted the congregation. More members stood up.

“We, who listen to the Lord, who pray to him and keep his teachings, we KNEW these days were coming. We KNOWN the signs of the Revelation to come. We WATCH as the Seals break and the trumpets call. We who OBEY HIM without question KNOW that HIS time has COME!”

The foundations of the church vibrated to the shouts of, “AMEN!”

“The Tribulation is at hand, brothers and sisters, there is NO doubt in my mind, for my mind is clear and my Soul belongs to Christ!”


“But NOW more than EVER we will be tested. Therefore, we must keep all the laws, which our Covenant with the Lord, for HE protects those who KEEP the Covenant. Remember the LAWS as given to Moses. In this time when the servants of the Adversary, of SATAN!” the congregation was on their feet now, “walk among US, we must KEEP the LAWS, above ALL ELSE!”


“We must not suffer a witch to live or damnation will surely follow. So sayeth the LORD OUR GOD!”




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