Sunday Tweet: Dumbest and Smartest

Tweet of the Day: Dumbest and Smartest (Things you done on your way to publication)


A few things first:

  • Thank you to all you (silent but) loyal readers you seem to pop up when I need you the most with cheerful comments and helpful insight. 😀
  • A change in serial publication: I will no longer list every single installment in every posted update. Instead I will use a trick I learned from Aheïla. I will simply a link to the first installment, the preceding installment and the future one. That should cut down on my editing. I will add tabs (under the title of the blog) that have an intro to each serial and links to all current posts if you want to backtrack at any moment.
  • Next Friday serial: Severus the Rogue.
  • And last but not least, twenty-two days of non stop posting and counting….

Now back to the show!


We (writers) do a lot of things while we stumble half-blind toward publication (e-pub, self-pub or old fashioned carton & paper). Jessica Thomas mentions a few of the mistakes and good moves she made along the way. I agree with most of the things she posted although I sort of disagree with with the posting of material in blogs.

While it is true that getting yourself publish on journals and competitions is a great way to build a resume, and that many (if not most) such journals won’t take blog-posted material (it is deemed “already published”) that doesn’t mean you can’t build a good platform though your blog-posted stories. I am pursuing both routes. Some stories will go through the grinder of publication, other won’t.

Think of it as a divide and conquer type strategy.

Will it work? Only time will tell.




Yes, I’m a guy. Yes, I’, straight and Yes, doing the Right Thing Is Good For You and Me!

12 comments on “Sunday Tweet: Dumbest and Smartest

  1. It’s odd you mention comps, as I’ve been looking into a few, there are some out there that accept your content even if it’s blogged.


  2. I’m messaged one lead to you that I’m sure about (U.K), currently waiting on others to respond to my query.


  3. I have some flash fiction pieces posted on my blog/website. I never intended to published them elsewhere. My goal was to show my style of writing on my site.


  4. Thanks for the retweet. 🙂 I agree actually, sometimes it’s okay to post poetry or fiction on a blog, but me…I was using it as an excuse to be lazy, which is bad.


    • Yeah, I sort of felt the same way. But then I also wanted to build a platform so I went with posting regular stories on my blog as well as participating in writing challenges and blogfests.


  5. Everyone uses their blog for different reasons, but I would think it wiser not to put up any work that one is thinking of having published. Instead, put up other works that show your writing style.


  6. I’d love to try the contests, but so many have entry fees. Too much for me!

    Blogs seem like a great platform. If nothing else, it provides a place to practice and keep practicing–which, rumor has it, is the real way to be any good at anything. Writing (and getting rejected over and over and over and over….) is lonely without a blog.

    Besides, it’s only 1/4 as crazy as talking to yourself at length 🙂

    (Which, I guess, makes up for the fact it’s embarrassing^2 when compared to writing in a diary.)


    • True enough. And the chances of winning are small, but with careful research you can weed out the best of the lot and try them out, if you want.


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