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Weekend Roundup: May 1 – 7

Tweet of the Day: Three Places Where You Should Show Not Tell


So far so good, 7 days, 7 posts. For those of you just tuning in, this is what the first week of May brought us:

Sun- Sunday Tweet: The 2011 WordCount Blogathon. Participants pledge to post every day from May 1st- 31st.
Mon- Monday’s are for TV Tropes and we learn that SciFi Writers Have No Sense of Scale. Guilty as charge. 😀
Tue- More SciFi goodness with The Setting is the Thing .
Wen- The Wizards’ World War escalates in Due to the Dead.
Thur-I post my answer to this month Writer’s Challenge: Interview with a Character. I have to admit Edward surprised me!
Fri- Short Story Fridays: The Gate- Dragon’s Heart. The story is rushing to its climax. Will Sir Jonah be able to turn the tide of evil sweeping the World?

You might have noticed a change in theme. Last month was Urban Fantasy, this month Science Fiction. I probably go back to UF next month or jump into another Speculative Fiction genre/sub-genre.

Will see….



And now for my own writer’s challenge: Interview with a Character. You can do it as the author interviewing a character or a short story/flash fiction piece.The Rules as follows:

  • One-thousand words or less.
  • Interview one character per post
  • Write a small paragraph (50 words or less) describing the story setting
  • Answer the Following Questions:

Character’s name.

Nicknames, if any.

What do you look like? Eye color, hair color, ethnicity, distinguishing marks or features, clothing, jewelry, and gear…

What are your hobbies?

Who and where is your family?Where are you from?

Do you have any secrets, and what are they? Why do you keep them?

What do you believe in ? Explain.





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