Short Story Friday: The Gate p.11- Tempest in a Teacup

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P.1P.2 -P.3 P.4P.5P.6aP.6b –  P.7P.8P.9P.10P.12aP.12bAftermath


–Data Port Access Open–

-Updating Data on Malone, J. Detective, Chicago Police Department, Arcology Precinct-

#&$^#!#—+#!#$#$!!-Data Corruption-

-Reconstructing Data 33%

-Data Worm Detected

-331 pieces of Malware Detected

-Infected Memory Sector Quaranteened

-Data Reconstruction 97%

Case File #21A: Detective Hawkins, ChPD, Arcology Precinct 1A

DNA results came back from the lab and they match O’Mallley, Malone and Rodriquez. Doctor Winters confirmed Rodriquez CoD: massive blood loss due to a cut to the throat by a a knife-like object. No way of narrowing down the type without the actual murder weapon to match. Slugs recovered from the scene area match to standard issue police sidearm,  9x19mm Parrabelum. So far, we haven’t found the matching weapon.

-Data Corruption Detected-

-Data Reconstruction Initialized-

…Captain Ochoa received several call from IA-CHhPD…

-Data Search in Progress-

-Matches Found-#5: ID Officer Richard Collins, Internal Affairs, Chicago Police Department, Origin, ChPD HQ-

…found a old desktop in Rodriquez apartment-

-No data system/storage device matching any descriptors attached to Rodriquez, Alberto A. found on the network-

The files were heavily incripted. Our tech says that the inscription package is not department issue and doesn’t follow any of the department data security protocols. Captain Ochoa suspects that Rodriquez was working with or for IA.

-No corroboration found-

-Search of IA-ChPD Files interrupted by interdiction software + malware attacks-

The Captain wants Malone and O’Malley found before IA dumps all over the precinct. But if IA was looking into O’Malley….

-Detective O’Malley, Octavio, alias “Red”

-27 complaints of excessive force

-45 complaints of verbal abuse

-4 convictions overturned due to police misconduct/error

…then we are all over our heads.

-End of Report-

-Data Port Close-


Share your characters story through an interview.

May’s Writers Challenge: An Interview with A Character.

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10 comments on “Short Story Friday: The Gate p.11- Tempest in a Teacup

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  2. Yeah! Glad to see more of the story! Keep it coming. 🙂


    • I told you the story was not over. BTW, have you had a chance to read my other serial? I post it on Wednesdays if you care to tale a look. And thanks for joining my Writer’s Challenge.



  3. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to read it.

    And was very happy to participate in your challenge. Was a lot of fun. 🙂


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