April Flash Fiction Challenge – Too Late

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Rules of the Challenge:

  • You must start your story with the sentence:”She had been warned, but now it was too late.”
  • The story must be 500 words or less
  • I’ve read a lot of flash fiction stories that express and incomplete idea so for my challenge I am challenging you to make sure your story has a clear beginning, middle and end.

The challenge ends May 31st.


She had been warned but it was too late. She stuffed everything she could think of into the backpack. Granola bars, another change of clothes, plastic bottles of frozen water. They could be at her door at any second.

And with Marcus gone….

Did he tell them about her? Or did they beat it out of him? Drugged him?

It didn’t matter, she had to get out now. But the house was full of stuff they could use to track her. It would have to go. She took another peak through the window. All clear, for now. She fingered the thick drapes. Her grandmother made them when her grandparents bought the house. Three generations of Garfields lived here.

A tiny flame came alive on her finger tip. She ran it up the curtains, setting them alight. The fire spread quickly. A flick of her fingers sent sparks toward the old, ripped couch. The feathery cushions burst into flame with ease.

Time to go.

Elise bolted through the backdoor into the woods, her home burning. The distant sound of helicopters reached her ears.

No Elise Garfield did not live there anymore, and anyone who tried to catch her would pay the price for their stupidity.



5 comments on “April Flash Fiction Challenge – Too Late

  1. Wow. I love you story. There is tension in every word and the fantasy element with the fire was a pleasant surprise. I want to know more. I hope you will continue it in a future post!


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