Wizard’s World War: Dispatch 4-Road Trip

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I-96 West. MI, July 8 6:05 a.m.

I pulled over to the shoulder. The state trooper sauntered over from his car to the driver side window. “Driver’s license and registration.” I handed the requested documentation, “Alfred Mac Tavish?”

The fish eye reflection on the officer’s mirror sunglasses smiled back at me, “Yes Sir?”


The green hoodie  “Mac Tavish” wore tagged him as an MSU student, “Will be sophomore this September. Can’t wait for football season to start.”

“Heard that you got some a new wide receiver, Roy Jakob?”

“Yeah, should fix our holes in the ground game. Our QB is good at firing off long bombs but everybody in the Big Ten knows it and they just itching to catch a intercept.”

“Is your friend back there alright?” asked the officer.

I looked over my shoulder to the back seat. Marcus laid in a corner with a baseball cap over his face, “Yeah, went over to visit a friend in Ann Arbor but somebody forgot we were going early and decided to kick back a few to many.”

The police officer nodded, “Legal limit in Michigan is still 0.8.”

“Yeah, that’s why I got stuck as the designated driver. I just hope he doesn’t puke along the way,” I said.

“So where are you folks heading?”

“Lansing, my folks live there,” or at least that what Mc Tavish driver’s license said.

He handed me the driver’s license, “Well, take it easy folks. This is a fine piece of automotive history,” he banged his hand on the Charger’s door frame, “you should keep it that way.”

“Will do, Sir. Have a nice day.”

I waited for the officer to drive off before I turned to Samara. I grabbed her clammy hand, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. He had a sharp mind, it was very hard to distract him without tipping him off.”

“The sooner we get to Mason, the better,” yelled Ricardo from the back seat.

In Mason there would be safety, however temporary. Perhaps some answers and a way forward.



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