Urban Fantasy: The Hunter

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The Hunter is the common lead in Urban Fantasy stories. He/She  is tasked with fighting the supernatural evil that lurks in the night(mares). They come in several flavors:

  • The Chosen One: Also know as the Buffy. This individual has the innate power(s) to combat the darkness. It may be an immunity to a vampire’s bite or the strength of ten men. Either way, the baddies better beware cause The Chosen One is on their trail.
  • The Turncoat: Or “One of Them.” It maybe a vampire that has grown a soul due to a curse, or regret after killing/turning the one he loved. Maybe be a dhamphyr (vamp-human hybrid) seeking to fight the demons within by slaying those without. Or the subject of some experiment to clone or recreate the traits of the chosen prey. Either way, this character is caught between the light and the darkness, both within and without.
  • The Warrior: He was not born but trained to fight. Be it in a hidden Shaolin temple or in a special forces installation, he has the right stuff to hunt the monsters. Usually aided by powerful technology or magic of some sort (BFG, magic swords, that sort of thing), he is lock and loaded to tackle anything the Void pits against him.
  • The Professor:  Or the Van Helsing. His weapon is knowledge. He knows where the enemy sets its lairs, its feeding patterns, and their prey preference. He is not one to call the heavy artillery, instead he waits patiently for sunrise to sneak into the vampires tomb and sets traps for the werewolf.  Almost always lives at the fringes of established science or academia, since the outer world exists at the edge and beyond of the physical world.
  • The Priest: Some sort of holy man (mostly Catholic but not always see Solomon Kane). He appears as the counterpart of the Professor, in that his knowledge comes from his faith, as does his power to combat evil.
  • The Team: If it where just a matter of shooting a monster in the face with a .45, anybody could do it. With strange powers, invulnerability not one can take on the darkness by themselves. Time to call in The Team. The team can work by themselves as rogues in a society that doesn’t know/can not know about that which lurks or assembled by a powerful patron/government to take back what belongs to humanity. The team can be composed of one or more of the above, each serving a critical part of the team (usually in a Five Man Band configuration). Loss of any member of the team will hobble the team (or lead to the break up of said team) until a replacement is found.

Because of the nature of the prey, the hunter can suffer from becoming that which he fights, giving in to his/her inner darkness, become a zealot to his cause or a loner condemned to fight the never ending fight until the end of his days, which considering their chosen profession, it is bound to be messy indeed.


3 comments on “Urban Fantasy: The Hunter

  1. Great post – you really have the “flavours” well defined.


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